A Dark Winter’s Story

In the early stages of a Personal Colour Analysis, we use colour to force unattractive effects in the face. It’s the only way we have of understanding what your face does in the presence of wrong colour. Every face reacts differently. It starts off slow as we observe and learn what to look for. Once we understand, the process moves more quickly. We can interpret the clues and work towards finding the formula that unites every colour that makes you look most beautiful. That’s how you never make another shopping mistake.

Around the halfway point, we begin moving away from a less attractive face towards a very beautiful face, one with perfect skin and intensely strong eye colour. Right around that time, there is a moment when it becomes about more than colour. You’re paying a visit to your soul. It strikes you that the colours in which you already seem to be wearing foundation are the same colours that feel the way it feels to be you. The very expression within the eye has changed.

Suddenly, you’re telling the world who you are. All the strengths you comfort yourself with. All the weaknesses you’re working on overcoming or still ignoring. Everything that has been said to you about how you look. It is intensely personal and private, like someone knows all your secrets, or all your flaws surfaced at once and there’s nowhere to hide them.

This exposure has to be recognized. It deserves great respect. The client is very internalized in these moments. They are processing huge volumes of personal data. They are often anxious for quiet, to be alone with their thoughts. In time, the earthquake settles and the new perspectives are assimilated into a being with more inner awareness and alignment. I have found that creative outlets help women while their subconscious gels the new information. Whether quilting, painting, photography, doesn’t matter, as long as it’s introspective and reflective. Nobody should spend 100 years here and never once speak to their own spirit.

This woman wrote this beautiful and amazing story. A river that can run this deep is one of the glories of being human.

A very sincere thanks to Darin Wright of eleablakecosmetics for performing this analysis.

Thoughts of a New-Found Dark Winter

I turned to color analysis as a way to make my shopping and makeup easier and successful. For many that is all it needs to be. And truly, anything that makes us feel more confident, capable and comfortable with ourselves is all for the good. Still, as I learned about and reflected on this process called color analysis , I slowly realized it has the potential to not only improve my outer appearance, but could, indeed, could not but help, to reach into and affect my inner life as well.

When we speak of having our colors done, we often hint at, but generally talk around the deeper implications. Color is a language of frequency and light. The colors we are made of are the unique expression of ourself, as they are what others see when we show up in the world . It also connects us to everything else made of frequency and light , which is, well … everything! We use phrases like true self or finding your true colors and essence. I am certain that essence means many different things to many people. To me the word, essence attempts to name an aspect or quality of us that is radiantly pure and utterly aligned with our deepest purpose, our dreams, our contribution to this sacred experience, called, Life. Because it is complete as it is and pure, it is unchanging and unchangeable. It is the aspect of us who knows who we are and the gifts we bring to the banquet. It is us before parental conditioning and social influences and it knows us far beyond the defenses and identities we developed to protect this most powerful and exquisitely tender aspect of self. It is our seed from which we may grow our lives to enjoy our most fulfilling realization of ourselves. Finding ways to express and share our essence is what, in the end, will bring our greatest joy. When we look in the mirror to see our true beauty it is this essence, we glimpse in the radiant reflection of ourself.

I arrived at my PCA with many desires and notions about myself. I also promised myself I would do my best to surrender. I think draping techniques vary among different analysts, but mine did not seem to take very long. The drapes clearly demonstrated that I was not soft, light, or warm. Black was by far the best drape on me until we came to a couple of True Winter colors. They were very good, but still, no magic….Then she brought out what for me was the strangest, most un-pretty color of them all-a heavy dark eggplant. I didn’t pay much attention to it. I knew it wouldn’t work, but I was stunned when Darin called my attention back. There I was, my undeniable inner intensity matched in my reflection. My dark green eyes snapped and my skin was clear with a becoming hint of olive heat. My features stood out, clearly defined and somehow in harmony. For a brief moment I was free of all the unfavorable comparisons to others, the tyranny of glossy airbrushed images and society’s fickle, narrow definitions of beauty. I was wholly, beautifully myself, and it was good. Without hesitation I said yes to the one I saw gazing at me. Yes to the colors and the events, people and changes that would bring me into more expression of and harmony with this essence. A few more drapes and the palette name was revealed-Dark Winter. Whhhhhat?!

I remembered seeing that palette posted and thinking the colors conveyed an unmistakable quality of power and authority and I felt so relieved that it was not mine , that it wasn’t mine to grow into…

Well, time has passed and yesterday my swatches arrived. The colors are both deeply familiar and mysterious. Looking at them I am reminded of my past- the deep burgundies remind me of my Goth girl days, the dark forest greens of the passionate idealistic activist with a lively Robin Hood complex. In the deep strength of the colors I see the determined woman who gave birth at home in a state crazy enough to make home birth illegal.

Looking at these colors I see uncomfortable truths about myself, an opportunity for self-acceptance. I will never be the life of the party. Do I really have to take everything soooo seriously? With these colors I renew faith in myself and my path. The woman who wears these colors has resource and strength to spare.

I pursued PCA to make things simpler, but in this moment the process for aligning my outside and inside with my true colors seems terribly complicated and fairly far away. But I did it. I said, yes, and as Christine says, Now the interesting part begins…. I have no idea where this will take me. This reluctant Dark Winter wouldn’t have it any other way.

This image is copyrighted, but it deeply defines how this Season feels to me.



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  1. Such beautiful words written by you both. The deeper aspects of color analysis are all too often overlooked but are felt very distinctly by some of us on this journey. Thank you for putting those thoughts into words and sharing a brief glimpse of your path… The colors have so much to teach us about the hidden parts of ourselves if we choose to be still and listen.

    Breathtaking photos…well chosen.

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