Ontario (Ottawa)

Lisa Kelly

Email: lisa@DNAmycolours.com

Facebook page: DNA my Colours

Appointments available Fridays, as well as weekends.


Ontario (London)

Christine Scaman


Email: christine@12blueprints.com


British Columbia (Vancouver)

Naomi Eastman

Email: hello@eastmancolourconsulting.com





Andrea Martincic


E: andrea@ccc-pca.com

Meet Andrea in the article Introducing Colour Analyst Andrea Martincic (Arizona)


California (Southern CA, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego region)

Amanda Roberts


E: amandarobertscolor@gmail.com

Meet Amanda in the article Introducing Colour Analyst Amanda Roberts (California)




Courtenay St. John Gibson

To contact Studio St. John by email: courtenay@courtenaystjohncolors.com

By phone: 413-884-3649


Meet Courtenay in the article Introducing Colour Analyst Courtenay St. John Gibson (Massachusetts, Connecticut) 



Hope Turner


E: hope@colorsbyhope.com

Periodically available in central Florida. Please contact with enquiries.

Meet Hope in the article Introducing Colour Analyst Hope Turner (Massachusetts)


Amanda Brown


Located in Winona, MN, with travels to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

North Carolina

Kaarin Huffman


E: kaarin@kaarinhuffman.com


Jennifer Ballard

Email: jen@personalcolornorthwest.com


Meet Jennifer in the article Introducing Colour Analyst Jennifer Ballard (Oregon)


Rachel Nachmias


Meet Rachel in the article  Introducing Colour Analyst Rachel Nachmias (Philadelphia)



Sarah McNary


Meet Sarah in the article  Introducing Colour Analyst Sarah McNary (Pennsylvania)



Katherine Schlagal


Meet Katherine in the article Introducing Colour Analyst Katherine Schlagal (Texas)




Tsikinirina Ralisoa


Email: info@stellagraphy.com

Meet Tsiky in the article Introducing Colour Analyst Tsikinirina Ralisoa (Belgium)



Johanna Jarvinen


Email: johanna@flowwithnature.com

Meet Johanna in the article Introducing Colour Analyst Johanna Jarvinen (Finland)


Anna Lazarska


Meet Anna in the article Introducing Colour Analyst Anna Lazarska (Poland)


Jorunn Hernes


Email: jorunn@fargeporten.no

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fargeportenPCA

Meet Jorunn in the article Introducing Colour Analyst Jorunn Hernes (Norway)


Floortje (Florentina) Mossou

Website under construction.

Email: floortje.callastudio@gmail.com

Facebook: CallaStudioConsulting

Meet Floortje in the article Introducing Colour Analyst Florentina  Mossou (The Netherlands)

My colleague in the US, Terry Wildfong, sees appointments in her studio located in Michigan. She can be found at Your Natural Design. The Directory for Terry’s students is linked here.


Please note that colour analysts are independent business owners. They govern their own practices, pricing, and policies. Appearance in the directories requires only that they follow the PCA process consistently with the 12 Blueprints and Your Natural Design instruction and analysis process.


84 thoughts on “12B Analyst DIRECTORY”

  1. Is this an up to date directory? I’d love to set up an appointment but I live in San Francisco.

  2. Seems to me that Heather Noakes is in the Bay area, no? I may not be up to date in my CA geography. She is at modaincolor.com if you would like to contact her.

  3. A friend is looking for someone in the Scottsdale area. Is there any one in that area now?

  4. I am looking to have a PCA done in the Chicago or metro-Detroit area. Is there anyone you can recommend?

  5. Sure, Laura. One of the best in the business, if not the best. Terry Wildfong, who is in Grand Rapids. She will be available around April 1, I think. Contact her via her website at yournaturaldesign.com. Unfortunately, nobody in Chicago, GR is the closest.

  6. Christine
    Are there any analysts you can recommend in the New York area? Thank you

  7. Yes. If you could email me privately to christine@12blueprints.com with permission to pass on your contact info, I can ask her to be in touch.

    In NY, you want Leslie Chatzinoff. Find her contact info under the Analyst Directory tab at yournaturaldesign.com.

  8. Are there any other analyst in Wisconsin? Having a hard time getting in touch with the one listed. Thanks

  9. Jamie, you could try Monica via her site at uncommoncolor.com. She and Amanda are the only two in WI.

  10. Hi there, do you have any recommendations for colour analysts in Vancouver, BC? Thanks.

  11. I wish I did, Jackie. Vancouver sends more requests for PCA than any other city. The closest is in Seattle and she is getting more requests than she can manage. The closest for you is in Edmonton. Email me privately if I can help you connect with any analyst in the directory (christine@12blueprints.com)

  12. Hi there, are there any new analysts north of Toronto perhaps, or anyone who visits the Toronto area? Thank you!

  13. In Ontario, there is only myself and Lisa Kelly in Ottawa. You can find Lisa’s contact info in the Analyst Directory on this site (in the tabs across the top of the main page). Please email me christine@12blueprints.com if I can be of further help.

  14. Sure can, Christy. Send me an email privately (christine@12blueprints.com) and I will ask her to contact you.

  15. Are there any consultants in Central Florida area? Anyone going on vacation in Florida and want to do some appointments? Please???!!!

  16. There are no analysts in that area, Susie. Heather Noakes (modaincolor.com) travels to Phoenix now and again. There are analysts in Utah, CA, and TX, closest I can think of.

    No analysts yet in FL either, Connie. Rachel Nachmias (bestdressed.us) visits Boca Raton once a year, could be worth contacting her?

  17. Good day. Will you ever be in the Washington, DC USA? Anyone you can recommend if you are not planning to come to DC? Thanks! I love your website!

  18. You want Rachel Nachmias in Philadelphia, Julia. I myself cannot work in the USA but with Rachel, not only is the PCA equally good, you can take advantage of the other half of our appearance – your lines and shapes, with an image analysis (PIA). More info on her site at bestdressed.us

  19. An analyst who is presently living in France was trained in June of this year. As with all new businesses, the opening date is a few months after the training. With your permission, Diane, I can ask her to contact you?

  20. An analyst who presently lives in France was trained in June 2015. As always, it takes a few months to be ready to see clients. With your permission, Di Anne, I can ask her to contact you?

  21. Isn’t there a new analyst in San Antonio? Sharon told me about her. Is her biz not up and running yet? I have a friend who is interested in having her colors done…

  22. Never mind – I found her intro article. Perhaps she should be added here?

  23. Hello Christine,

    I’ve just seen your answer : yes, you can tell her to contact me, that is a good idea, thanks (and also excellent news :- ) )

  24. Done, Di Anne. Please do email me privately (christine@12blueprints.com) if you don’t hear from her within a week or so.

  25. Is there anyone in the Little Rock, AR area? My boyfriend and I are looking to get both our colors done.

  26. I can’t think of anyone nearby, Isabelle. NC and TX are the closest I can think of in your area.

  27. Hi Christine, is there anybody you know of in Melbourne, Australia? Long shot but I thought I’d give it a try!

  28. Dear Christine,

    I’m also very interested to meet the color analyst living in France (if she is still living there). Would you mind putting us in contact?
    Thank you very much in advance!

  29. Adele, you want to contact Amelia Butler at True Colour International (and consider yourself lucky to live in a country with a world-class colour expert).

  30. I’m looking into booking an analysis with Kerry Stitch in Rochester, NY. She has the Sci-Art certification logo on her Indigo Tones website but I don’t see her name on your list. Just want to be sure she’s a verified analyst. Thank you.

  31. Hi, Annabel,

    Kerry was trained by Kathryn Kalisz, not sure in what year. She is certainly a trained analyst, just with a different training system. Our process and drapes to arrive at the Season decision are not the same.

  32. Dear Christine,

    I read your book and now my dream is to know my Season. But I am living in Italy. May be you had any students from Italy and could recommend someone to me? I don’t know who I can trust. Thank you.

  33. Unfortunately, no analysts that we have trained in Italy, Katerina. If there are others, I do not know of them. Our nearest analyst to you is in Belgium. I hope that one day, the people in every country will not have to cross a border to know their colours.

  34. Thank you for the answear!

    Could I have contact (website or mail) in Belgium? May be one day I can go there.

  35. Hello Katerina, come va?
    You called and I came !
    I’m Tsiky. If you are not bothered by my weird english or if you’d like to have some conversation in french with real Belgian accent, please close the door!
    Let’s have a seat together behind our laptops. We will enjoy those creamy, melty, delicious tiramisu…or perhaps you may want me to answer some questions about color analysis and about creating a bold beautiful personal style? Then I’ll let my spoon down and make my fingers ready .
    Send me a colorful or black &white e-mails at tsikyn@gmail.com…Please!
    I will hit the reply button in the next 24h.

    Talk to you there ;-) ,

  36. Hi,I’m Federica,I’m Italian as well,we really need a good analyst here ,lol!
    If someone will ever decide to travel here,I’m ready to be analyzed.I’m in love with colour analysis,also because of you,Christine,thanks.Maybe one day I’ll come to Canada,and become an analyst myself.What a dream!

  37. Thank you, Federica. Italy most certainly needs a great analyst. Judging from the interest, so do Germany, Poland, Greece, Israel. Interestingly, I have never mailed a book to South Africa.

  38. Nobody in Quebec at this time, Anne Marie. Your closest analyst is Lisa Kelly at DNAmycolours.com in Ottawa. We receive many requests from Quebec, hopefully one day, the province will have an analyst or two, at least in Mtl. and Que.

  39. Do you know of any analysts in Belgium? By googling i have only managed to find analysts using Colour me Beautiful system, but i would prefer being draped on this system. I know we got analyst in Finland, but i dont have time to get draped here before moving to Belgium.

  40. You could look up Karen Hughes? I believe the name is correct. Karen was trained by Kathryn Kalisz, I think? I’m not sure she is still practicing PCA but worth a try.

  41. Are there any analysts in the Midwest in america? I’m in iowa, but any in Nebraska, Kansas? Or any that travel there?

  42. Cassie, you might want to connect with the Christine-trained and fabulous analyst I used outside LaCrosse, WI. I traveled from Minneapolis and it was well worth it! Brought my mom down there a few months later and she loved it too. It’s Amanda Brown at http://www.colortherapypca.com. Tell her Erin says hi again!

  43. Brooke, an analyst from MA and CT will be introduced in the next week or two. That will be your closest person at this time.

  44. I live in central Florida. Where would be the closest analyst to help me with a color analysis?

    Thank you for your help.

  45. Nobody in that area, Bonnie. Rachel at bestdressed.us sometimes travels there. Cate Linden at catelinden.com could be contacted, she travels widely.

  46. Hi – Is there an analyst in or near Salt Lake City, UT? Thank you!

  47. I’m sorry to say that there is no analyst in Germany at this time. I will soon (within 4-6 months) be introducing new analysts in Holland and Poland however.

  48. And isn’t there an analyst in Prague, although she’s not in this list, for some reason..?

  49. None from us, Paulina. Our training happens in Ontario, Canada, and Michigan and California in the USA.

  50. I’m in Saskatoon, SK. From the looks of it Vancouver and London are the two closest to me. Does anyone ever travel closer?

  51. Hi, Rebecca, you also have the option of Shahna McNally in Edmonton. Contact through the site at unicolour.com. If that doesn’t connect you, email me directly at christine@12blueprints.com. Besides Shahna, and Lisa Kelly in Ottawa, you’re right. Choices are London and Vancouver at this time.

  52. I’m in Portland, Oregon and wondering if there is an analyst anywhere in the Pacific Northwest? Thank you!

  53. We have an analyst in OR, Eowyn, whose business is soon to launch. I have contacted her to ask if I can share her contact info. I will be back to you using your email if that’s ok.

  54. Hi,
    Do you know if any of the analysts will be travelling through Nashville TN? I would be very interested if so.
    Thank You,

  55. Cate Linden (www.catelinden.com) is about 2 hours away, in Louisville KY. You might email her. She sometimes does PCA trips to Nashville if there is a group of clients.

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