What Do You Want From Your Colour Analysis?

August 22, 2012 by  

What three things do you want to be different after? Does one matter most?

How much time to that outcome would be acceptable to you or do you expect to need?

How will you know that you’re on the right track?

These are what I’m thinking about today.

Creating Your Best PCA

In his great book, Creating, Robert Fritz (linked to his site, look around, he’s extremely good, find Creating under Books)…he describes creating (not creativity or creating but actually making something new, like your better appearance for instance) as having essential components, all of which we must define to bring any creation to reality. Without pulling together a strong intention and/or vision about the following three points, it’s just drifting.

#1 is a defined start point. Most of us are so busy with process, i.e. spending and more spending, that we forgot to assess current reality and know where the Start line is. Are we Dark? Warm? Neutral and Classic or Neutral and Lush? You, your daughter, and your friend don’t set out from the same place.

 #2 is knowing how you plan to measure success, meaning how you will recognize that you made the creation that you set out to make – would taking over control of your hair colour qualify? That’s a measurable goal.

 #3, #4, #5, the book is full of brilliant, basic, and overlooked points. The last one is: what is the desired outcome? To own one more blush and bring the total to 12? To have hair that looks like it could have happened on its own? Analysts argue about how many Seasons. 4, 12, 16, or more. Who cares?  It’s the wrong argument because it’s debating an outcome that the user of the system doesn’t really care about because they don’t need to. The number doesn’t matter as long as there is a precise means of integrating the relevant palettes. It’s like discussing whether Seasons is an outdated term to classify natural colouring groups. Whatever, we can call them NC 1 – 12 if it sounds better.

Most certainly, precision matters behind the scenes, which is why the Sci\ART method holds such a high standard. Without it, we’re lost. That’s how these most effective palettes came to be in the first place. But the industry shouldn’t stop there. If the theory disappeared, it would have less impact on the consumer than if she could no longer get her youngest hair colour. Like if mechanical engineering fell through the floor, it wouldn’t matter till the car stopped moving. Value that the consumer clearly feels is the point. The real Q that should be getting asked and answered is, did the analysis process and Colour Book come with enough follow-through to help you use your colours to choose lipstick that looks superb on your face?



If you looked at me and thought “Wow, does she always look this tired?”, it’s because I was chasing a bat around my house at 2.30 am. I got it into the room where Bill was sleeping and shut the door, figuring I’d deal with it in the morning. Nothing wakes him up. I go back to bed. At 3 am, I worry that the bat is rabid and if it lands on him and he swats at it and it bites him…how was I going to explain that to the newspaper? Me, a vet and all, it wouldn’t sound very good. By 4 am, the bat is dealt with, locked in a room with Bill whom I forced to wake up, oh, so happy. The digression that always inserts itself somewhere.

One more digression…it took about 4 minutes to upload these videos to YouTube!! It used to take an hour. And PhotoBooth does the recording on the computer. Maybe we’ll do a lot more videos.

A smart marketer, one who can see the blanks down the road, will make -

>> an App that scans the internet for a woman’s colour palette in retail (thank you to Betty who came up with this)

>> a full palette of solid powder makeup for each of the 12 Seasons to travel with (thank you to Christine for the suggestion and for knowing that her needs are the same as every woman’s)

This is the stuff women want. That tagline up at the top of the page that says “Know your perfect colours.” Who cares? Not our client, and she is the only person that someone in any business should be focused on. I’ll change it once I come up with a better business name. 3 years now and it still hasn’t come to me.

PCA Training

Why do I want to know?

By the end of this year, I hope to be teaching students to see what I see when I analyze human colouring. It will use the Sci\ART method developed by Kathryn Kalisz because the more I use it, the more I believe that it’s the one that works. The course content will vary a lot from my own Sci\ART training to reflect differences in process, interpretation, and use that I’ve acquired along the way.

I was never certified as a trainer. I am not a colour theorist. I’m using a method I didn’t invent, but that’s fair. Ideas can’t be patented. Math teachers didn’t invent math. Credit will go back to the source in various forms. I’ve been asked if I will certify people after…Well, sure, for what it’s worth. Nobody certified the one signing your certificate here. I can promise you an Analyst Training Guide with breakdowns, flow charts, scripts, standards, troubleshooting, process, psychological and emotional support issues that arise, and much more. You will have confidence and competence once we’re done.

I want students to know how to interpret natural colouring and provide the client with the greatest advantage in using their colours for everyday buy decisions. To do that better, I am asking you, our very precious clients, to think about what it is you really want from your best colours and send it to me privately to christine@12blueprints.com. The more you can distill the answer to a few key points, the better. I’ll listen to every story. I will share your information, anonymously only, you have my promise, with students to help them understand how to serve you better. Tell us what you want. Hair colour charts?  Garment examples? Newsletters? New makeup collections swatched?

Help us take the work out of your hands. What an analyst can do in an hour could take you a month. We just need to know what you want. More emphasis on certain parts of the analysis?  Less time draping, more time on makeup? If you’ve had it done, what aspect of shopping was hard and how could it have been easier? The whites are always a challenge…what about 12 pieces of white fabric for each Season (not just yours) to shop with? Use the ingenuity that I know you have and think like that, OK?

As an update, many have asked for training and it’s time to stop putting them off. This service changes the lives of women and men forever and it needs to be shared on a broad scale. The biggest reason for delay has been providing drapes to students so they can practice on everyone they know the day they finish the course. I hope that drapes and the course will both be for sale by the end of this year. Know that many of us are working towards that end. The course, I could get you next month. The drapes, the biggest and most critical job of them all, that’s going to need a little more time and attention, but it is moving forward.


Read the letter from Amber on the Testimonials page (it’s the 23rd one). What I love most is that when women leave, for this one moment, they are truly happy to have the body and face they have. To appreciate, love, and be thankful for the face and body you were given, what a place to get to.  Any feeling that you felt once, you can get back to. Bringing you there that first time is why I do this.

To the same degree, I will extend myself for my student in whatever way he/she values. The opportunity to earn a good living must be within reach so that every woman has an colour analyst within a few hours’ drive of her hometown. Therefore, in part to get me out of the way so students can gain experience, the fee for an analysis with me will increase to $300 as of Nov. 1/12. What you can expect for your investment and how you will be improved are addressed in #1 on the PCA FAQs page.


The second video is also about value as well, a different perspective.



More numbers: You’ll save the cost of the colour analysis appointment 2 to 10 times over in the first year alone, assuming you spend $600 to $3000 yearly on appearance, not including non-colour items like facials. Yes, you’re still spending, but way smarter, returning little, and giving away almost never. Over a lifetime, the payback is extreme. Sooner you know, sooner you save.

Ultimately, my goal is to make you the expert on your own appearance. You’ve been in stores. You know that nobody else can do that like you can. Appearance is not just Rules. Your answers are not all in one book, method, technique, or advisor. It’s Colour + Layer gleaned from Kibbe + Layer that felt right from Dressing Your Truth and other sources + Character + Individual beyond rules + Context + Objective feedback.

Scroll back to the top and take a little time to consider the questions there. If you’ll tell me what you hope your PCA will tell you or give you, I’ll look after making that happen.





5 Responses to “What Do You Want From Your Colour Analysis?”

  1. Ellie on August 22nd, 2012 9:03 am

    Always get more from seeing and hearing you speak live on screen than from reading the words in print, it’s good news you might consider doing it more!

    What do I hope my PCA will give me? (What I’m still hoping a year on!) More than just a category and generic information about that category. Of course the person who has had the PCA has to put in the time and learning to use that information, it’s certainly a learning process, but I would have loved more information on the day about how to use that palette to work for my particular variation of that category. Is it really as simple as buy a t shirt matching the fan, slap on a lipstick from the light spring approved list and job done whether or not I can connect to it or feel good in it? Of course it isn’t.

    The most helpful things I’ve run across have been on this site in the landscapes articles, and the comparison articles, and the discussions of Kibbe and DYT which help build up an internal concept based on myself rather than a generic image (and as a dark light spring there are few generic images I can relate to, those ladies are allllll blonde!). I certainly crave help to step further on from the generic images and know what works for me, how to interpret the knowledge the PCA gives me to be more myself. I’d love to see examples of how different variations WITHIN a specific season might use their same palette in different ways to better suit their particular form of it, such as the article you wrote showing the very soft, subtle soft summers and the darker and stronger soft summers.

  2. Kathryn on August 22nd, 2012 10:24 am

    Ditto what Ellie said. And, Christine, this is an over-the-top post. I can tell you have done some serious, deep thinking on the matter. If I may say so, I believe you have the capacity to take the former Sci/Art to a new level. It’s not just about sticking colors on top of people, nor is it just about matching their body colors slavishly. It’s about understanding what will enhance the natural coloring and how to give women tools for life so that they can begin to create their own wardrobe world. I plan to email you privately when I get a moment. Best to you!

  3. Kayla G. on August 27th, 2012 1:49 pm

    I’m interested in the training! I’ve been reading about color analysis since the late 80s. I’ve looked at tons of sites/blogs and I really admire your approach and descriptions. I’m in California, USA. Will be there be a long-distance learning option?

  4. Nomi on September 14th, 2012 4:30 pm

    What a wonderful post. I enjoy your blog very much & have learned a number of things, but I waver back & forth about what kind of color/season I am. I could try to find the analysts in NJ, NY, or Penn., but the more I read here the more I want to meet the real Christine! Do you ever travel to Washington DC or Baltimore?

  5. Christine Scaman on September 15th, 2012 12:37 pm

    No, I don’t have a US work permit, Nomi. And they’re very hard to get. Tremendously good analysts in New Jersey if ever you made the trip.

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