Dressing Your Truth in 4 Types and Seasons

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Nirmala left a comment after the last article on 12B that really sums it up. Kind of paraphrasing here, but as she says, we can’t see ourselves, that’s Problem 1.  Though we search for our truths, there’s no easy road. They are quite cleverly concealed, maybe as protection from us, for if any way were revealed too soon, we would probably misuse them like any information we get when we’re not ready.

A clothing system won’t be the as-the-crow-flies route to inner truth. The most it could do would be to open a window. The opinions of others, even professionals, are subjective, variable, relating taste and opinion more than anything else. Compliments are of no value to me, they just drag me off center for a week or two. Though the 12 Seasons of personal colour analysis may not have every answer, it is at least measurable as long as the compass is calibrated right.

The Sci\ART drapes are calibrated into measured increments. That’s what a Sci\ART colour analysis gets you that is so incredibly special. The line between one group and the next is clearly divided in coherent, defined, steady intervals. Connect the dots is way easier when the dots are numbered. Sci\ART has human colouring classified right. Doesn’t mean that analysts who do colour by eye are wrong. I’m a huge believer in humans as little electrical towers and perhaps some people can feel our emissions of light energy as our colours. I’d lose faith if two such analysts came up with really different answers though.

Dark Winter Type 1

Maybe Sally Field looking (not so sure she’s DW). Or Mario Tuttle, though with that nose shape, he’s more likely a Bright.



Dark Winter DYT Type 1
Dark Winter DYT Type 1 by christinems featuring clutch handbags


For Type 1, I went with light, young, fun, random, playful, upward, hearts and triangles, freedom of movement, sprays, fountains. Detail and eye catchers are placed high on the body, so no black outfits with yellow shoes.  Some bold is ok, this is Winter, but nothing serious, sharp, or rigidly repeating. Got to get light, bright, warm, fun, and alive into this. And fairly contrasting.

Tunics could be great here. And prints.

Lots of jewelry that doesn’t necessarily match. “Life of its own”, not floppy and not stiff, Perkily crisp.
I like the zigzag of the sleeves on the two tops at the top.

Clothes can feel light without being light coloured. Taylore Sinclair’s totality of radiance actually comes in here, where fabric, design, and texture all contribute to a person’s movement.

Chose heavy heart lockets that wouldn’t get lost in the contrast and weight of the colour. Torn between the 2 lockets.

Black can’t be chunky or serious or this girl will grind to a halt and look glued to the ground.

Shoes are light. Even a wedge is too blocky.

 Dressing Your Truth: What I Liked

About the Dressing Your Truth course, my friend asked “What do you like about it?”

- I like Carol. Makes no difference to me how she promotes herself, whether she’s licensed, whether women can or can’t find their Type, or how many websites she owns.

- I recognized my drive for standardization (of colour analysis systems), my obsession with being able to duplicate results (between colour analysts or it’s all useless to the client), and my need to promote it – all as Type 4 traits.

- I learned about the most dominant types of lines in my face. I follow them to apply eyeliner and blush. Our movement path could be drawn on paper as we negotiate tasks big and small, through problems towards solutions. The lines tend to be consistent with other lines, like those in our face. Fascinated me. I really like the part about how we move forward and how we get stuck. I’ve watched people who seem unable to end one interaction or activity and move on to the next. The nearer you get to an ending, the more they’re compelled to drag it out in a thousand ways. Since I almost erase the past as I’m living it, watching this deliberate delaying left me saying “Just  make a move. Don’t worry if it’s wrong or right!” Now I get why that was not helpful for them.

It was fun to actually draw makeup with those same lines. I see that if you draw a line across my eyes from outer corner> inner corner> inner corner other eye> outer corner other eye, the line is straight. So now I extend eyeliner out straight a little ways. My kids have not said I look nuts, which they are well trained to do given even a smidgen of provocation.

- The psychology that goes with the lines structures is great. I see now why True and Soft Summer have more issues with their palettes than everyone else put together…because it’s her (Type 2, Summer, whatever) nature to examine every single option over and over, like she can never have enough evidence to make a choice. And why I shoot off like a rocket and ignore all the fine print.

And why my Light Summer sister can get so deeply hurt over words or actions that I wouldn’t even notice. Her weakness isn’t her huge sensitivity; it is her strength because it’s her truth and because the world needs so much of what she has to offer. Telling her “Stop letting every little thing get to you!” is disrespectful and confusing to her. Now, I will hold her in higher esteem for it. Learning to honour others better has been the greatest reward of DYT. So much has fallen into place -why I’ve stood at makeup counters with Summers watching they energy test eyeliners.

Figured out why I have been sent so many more True and Soft Summer clients than any other. We relive the same experience over and over till we learn its lessons. I finally see that I need that character to balance me, to model certain behaviours I will need in my own future. I am grateful they came to see me.

- Picked up a few good clues on clothing to add to my Season and Kibbe, but this was far from the main selling point. As a matter of taste, Carol and I don’t share a belief of what looks good, let alone true. As a matter of statistics, it’s unlikely there are only 4 style Types in the world, even if you could prove that there are 4 main movement types. The diversity of genetics makes the probability too low unless the types are so broad that few can tell where they fit, especially if they contain some of each, which means most of us. And it’s been proven across populations that 4 main colour types won’t work. This energy system won’t be any different. Still, would I take the course again? I would in a heartbeat.

- Learned a lot more that I can apply as a better spouse/parent/workplace than as any kind of fashion star. But then, I came into it exposed to a lot of info about Winters, Dramatic dressing, etc. A newcomer might pick up some great advice or a good intro to thinking about how clothes are cut.  I did buy some jewelry and I like it.  For all 4 Types, the jewelry is nice for the price at the Store. Mine is about 2-4 times larger than it looks on the site.

IDK the DYT rules for the 4 Types.  I’m just extrapolating the energy of the person, like I did with how the colours felt to me in RTYNC (the blue book over in the right column). Doesn’t mean it’s the only way, just my way. DYT is a natural expression we feel as movement. Same with seeing those lines anywhere, a book plot, a mechanical device, a wind pattern. What Carol has tuned into and translated is four different movement types and how their energy feels interpreted with clothing to create a visual image. For instance, when we see parallel lines, they look like a mirror. With that, we associate reflectivity and stillness. Reminding of the 4 True Seasons? Absolutely, but a new spin in many ways.

There’s no reason you can’t be true to your colouring and your movement type even if they don’t coincide. Neither takes precedence because they’re describing different things. Your Sci\ART Season knows your colours. Your Type offers an opinion about your shape as expressed by your style of movement. The whole silver gold thing for Types, I pretend I never heard it.

True Spring Type 2

Type 2 is the Summer “stereotype”, awful word but it serves. So, connections – tops with bottoms, repeating colours, interlocking shapes. Gentle flow and drape. Less delicious and vivacious than the “stereotype” True Spring, more of a Summer analogous colour scheme. Wavy lines.

I know two of these women. They’re certainly True Spring, they look like T1, but they lead in movement with T2, at least when I met with them.


True Spring DYT Type 2
True Spring DYT Type 2 by christinems featuring cowl neck tops


Beauty Sixth Sense

Do I agree that women have a “Sixth Sense” about their own beauty, as Carol claims in the Dressing Your Truth course? Not for a second.  I know for sure they don’t. I had to be in my 50s to come close to recognizing me. Others can’t always tell either. I have a True Winter daughter whose Kibbe or Type I cannot figure out. I wish women wouldn’t feel so devastated and to blame when they can’t find their answers. I wish they weren’t so willing, eager even, to believe every word of it all.  I read it all like a novel rather than non-fiction, let it come at me like one person’s story, like one person’s travel diary.  Your journal to the same place would read different. I read it like a recipe book. I find one I might try out, and 20 that I would never use but I don’t burn the book. Why give someone’s opinion more importance than that?

Anyone’s an expert if they say they are. One quick look at logic trees with 4 only branches (4 Seasons, 4 Types) can tell you they will only apply to each person superficially at best. If you saw a 4-branch tree to cover all disease in the world, how much attention would you give it to find your own aches?  Not more than a glance.

Kibbe used the Yin Yang metaphor to describe variations of shape of bone and flesh. He also brings in the very important issue of scale, not just what it is but how certain bodies make it look (the Yang-er you are, the taller you appear and the smaller you make jewelry look). If you can find yourself in his book, he’s the guy who got human body geometry sorted most ergonomically. He makes a point of keeping the colour talk very general. It surprises me how dogmatic DYT gets on this point given that it’s not their emphasis. They could do the whole thing as well, indeed far better, if they just left colour out of it, but fine marketer that Carol is, she realizes that if she’s not 100% convinced, nobody else will be either.

Bright Winter Type 3

boxy practical  functional big textured simple natural regular strong corners

a very Yang person, pants have a fly and a worn with a belt

not so straightforward to express work instead of fun with these colours

heavily accessorized…now that works with BW and T3, glad I found someplace these 2 come together,

though come to think of it, a BW usually has some big Yang elements of character and colour

every one of these Seasons/Kibbes/Types have their intersections; it’s when you find them that the fun starts.

the slightest whiff of Spring and turquoise and purple should appear (Autumn? teal and burgundy)

not too confined at the neck so she can move towards you, as it is her movement to do


Bright Winter DYT Type 3
Bright Winter DYT Type 3 by christinems featuring wool blend pants


Deleted Comments

I deleted several comments to this website aimed at exposing Ms. Tuttle and her sources. Find them on Amazon if you like. Truly, I just don’t care. Anybody can pick up the similarities in wording and philosophies between various colour systems.  So what? Ballet, yoga, and Pilates have similarities that stem back to their common origins. However similar the language, DYT seems to have applied the knowledge in a different way so that’s fair.

Why does DYT create such intense emotion when it doesn’t work for a person? In any discipline, there will be those who can deliver and those who can’t. The consumer decides for themselves, just like which vet to take their pet to. We’re not saving lives here. It’s clothes.  So Tuttle’s explanation doesn’t work for you. Another one will. Where does our perspective go? The words of others only have as much power on our path as we choose to give them. These days, I’m picking up the pieces and moving on about everything.

In an email, I was advised to examine my own reactions carefully as to why I removed those accusatory comments and blame-filled reviews that were deemed “heart-wrenching”. My contemplation came up with this: I didn’t find it heart-wrenching at all that some clothing system didn’t work for one person. Probably did for many and didn’t for many. The expectation was unrealistic to begin with. Call me a heartless Type 4 but I couldn’t get bogged down in something so full of holes and hope to see me come into focus somewhere out of the haze. That’s looking for love in all the wrong places and we’re back to the Kingdom of Heaven being within, but it takes a heck of a lot more self-work to get to it.

Everyone finds their true self, the deepest soul that their body incarnates, in different ways. Colour has been a metaphor for many revelations but it doesn’t bring me to my knees. Where I go to get myself right, where I finally understood what it means to say “Love is free”, learned the true purpose of prayer, figured out what the Chakras/sacraments really represent (abundance, health, humility, love, truth, wisdom, and grace in that order, my opinion only), and met my best and worst selves in a way I could work on them, was in Carolyn Myss’s book Entering the Castle. It’s the Bible that I read and practice each day.

Although your colours hold true as part of your energy spectrum at every level of your being, they’re also part of the physical world and part of the five senses. The special and specific grace that you came here to share comes from deeper than that, or any tip-of-the-iceberg colour, image, or clothing system. Your truths are far more encompassing and more connected to the energy of Divinity. We’re a long way from understanding that but we can approach it and we can feel it.

 Soft Autumn Type 4

All the usual True Winter adjectives – bold, simple, symmetric, long straight lines.

Structured for sure. I keep my jewelry in fishing tackle boxes. $4.46 at Walmart now that you ask.

The lower R corner outfit would be secondary T2, with S straps on shoes and teardrops or earrings.

This one was by far the  most difficult. In my mind, I can see these colours looking fine for this person (though not how I see their best), but finding the clothes is another thing.


Soft Autumn DYT Type 4
Soft Autumn DYT Type 4 by christinems featuring strappy flat sandals



Long ago in our lives, shopping began as an exercise in acquisition. It suddenly made a lot more sense when you learned your right colours and shapes, becoming something you could fully control. Then a few more levels of refinement opened up. Now, it’s a game of hide and seek.




64 Responses to “Dressing Your Truth in 4 Types and Seasons”

  1. Amy on June 4th, 2012 3:13 pm

    Love your analysis of the DYT and peoples reactions. I have a very similar philosophy.

    I explored the whole course and read the books and dove into it….then backed off feeling it was totally “wrong” for me.

    A few months later, I have picked it back up and reevaluated. I “get it” now. Two things had not worked for me before.

    #1 I was typing myself based on a very emotional response I was having to reading the descriptions of a type in the book. I now realize, on my own, that I have been doing, what Carol calls “living in my secondary”. Many, many reasons could explain why I have done so. Now that I have some clarity, I see how my secondary influences my primary energy type. For instance, when you say “A soft autum Type 4″ …in my mind, I would say a Type 3 secondary 4 or vice versa. Depending on what seemed to hold the primary influence.

    Which brings me to the #2 issue that I had. I like DYT in theory…but not in practice. The way they put their own theory to work seems incomplete. Missing pieces. Restricted, as you mentioned.

    In theory, DYT has given me a handle on lines, energy and “feeling” of clothes in a whole new way. It has simplified color analysis for me. At first I found that to be a detriment. Now I see it as a tremendous blessing.

    Sometimes I get too hung up on finding the EXACT color. Or getting things “right” (in whose eye, I don’t know) when it comes to dressing myself. But if I know I’m a type 2 with a secondary 4, that might manifest in many ways. A blending of colors. Or a set of colors that is influenced by the other set. Or a type of colors that is influenced by lines from another type. And so on and so forth. It is fun and freeing to explore this new idea!

    Anyhow. Lovely discussion. I love your polyvores!

  2. Tiffany on June 4th, 2012 3:32 pm

    Excellent, Christine :) I had thought a lot about this myself and wondered what it would look like in practice. Very nice! Loved the polyvores. I hope a bright winter ce is coming soon…. Hint hint… :)

  3. Karen on June 4th, 2012 4:46 pm

    I’m a little behind on your posts so I’m not sure what 12B is, but I recognize Carol Tuttle so I thought I would chime in.

    Several years ago, I wanted to see what “Living Your Truth” was all about so I purchased the course, books and went through it several times to try and glean the information that resonated with ME.

    Honestly, I most enjoyed being exposed to how someone else would look at understanding ‘one’s self’ and how she tried to connect others to this understanding.

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe that people can be put into a ‘box’ but they do have tendencies. My concern is that when people buy into these ideas they may never truly “live their truth” by exploring other things in life because they may not think it is their nature.

    If we can all take in information and take away some of the knowledge in the quest to discover our own self, then it’s all good. I love to study others and enjoy learning how they have come to their source and honor it.

    The greatest challenge I believe when someone ‘buys’ this is that very often they may feel it is the only way.At the end of the day all that is left is our understanding of what we have learned and absorbed.

    I appreciate the effort you went through to try and interpret this information. It is not as simple as 1-2-3 or 4 Thank you.

  4. Claire on June 4th, 2012 5:06 pm

    Great article, as usual Christine. The polyvores are so useful in giving a sense of how differently everyone could wear the same set of colours. And thank you for a piece of good and balanced perspective. I am a detail person and very much appreciate anyone with a good sense of perspective :)

  5. Anonymous on June 4th, 2012 6:18 pm
  6. Rachel Ramey on June 4th, 2012 10:09 pm

    I have, personally, found DYT to be totally unhelpful for color, minimally helpful for clothing/style, and VERY helpful for personality/”self.”

    It WAS helpful to note that I need to add some animation to my clothing, because I’m inherently high-movement. But DYT doesn’t really account for varying body shapes and the lines that suit them, much less variations in coloring. I think she should concentrate on what she does best – personality/energy – because she’s very good at that!

  7. Krista on June 5th, 2012 8:50 am


    Okay, I’m a bit confused. I went through DYT course and I’ve been draped by Color Me Beautiful years ago. I agree with CMB autumn coloring… best colors are: stone, rust, pewter, jade, forest green, olive, moss, salmon, light peach. Teal is the best ever color on me :) Anyway, Carol and Anne both looked at a picture of me and declare that I am absolutely a 4/1 no question! I dressed as a 4 for 6 months and tried a 1 for abut 4 months and decided to go back to my best autumn colors. Everyone who said they liked how I dressed as a 4 and not as much as a 1, are all so happy to see me back in autumn colors.

    So as I’m reading this article, are you saying that you are matching soft autumn up with Type 4? I understand these two systems do not match up easily. I’ve read as much as I can on your site, Carol’s and anything I can get my hands on :) Oh, I also got David Kibbe’s book and determined I am a Dramatic Classic – warm.

    Can you see so much information going through my brain? :) I do ramble a bit, so I hope this makes sense.

    I see help from all these different systems.

    Thank you for all the information you share with everyone here!


  8. andrea on June 5th, 2012 10:43 am

    I am going through DYT’s free course and have strongly identified with Type 2 personality. I find it melds well with my SA coloring and SN kibbe. With any of these typing systems, it’s best to not take it too literally, otherwise you run the risk of looking too stereotypical. But, I find Carol Tuttle’s system to be pretty good. I like watching her videos and how she encourages you to be true to yourself. I also like how she emphasizes the beauty of every woman.

  9. Natalie on June 5th, 2012 11:28 am

    @Karen & also Rachel,

    I have to agree with you ladies.

    I love the idea of a simple system of categories, and while it was fun to look around and try to categorize the clothes and accessories I saw, there were still so many things that didn’t fit with any of the 4 archetypes. It just isn’t enough categories.

    But, as you said, the gem of Carol’s contribution to the world isn’t the categories themselves, but the acceptance of the personalities that exist. She’s the ultimate self esteem cheerleader, and I see those 4 categories as examples.

    Maybe we don’t have a 6th sense about our types of beauty because we believe there are ideal types of people. Maybe if we adopt her total acceptance of all “movements” we will activate our intuitive abilities to see ourselves and therefore dress ourselves more authentically. Some may find it usedful to name and quantify the different movements in existence, and some may feel content to just infer them.

  10. Deana on June 6th, 2012 9:55 am

    Do you see any crossover with Kibbe? I’m a TSp SN and am droooooling over the TSp T2 polyvore. Unfortunately, I’m a T1 according to DYT.

  11. Carrie on June 6th, 2012 12:15 pm

    Well, i see some resemblance between DYT and Kibbe.
    T1 – Gamine, T2 – Romantic, T3 – Natural, T4 – Dramatic.

  12. Melinda on June 6th, 2012 9:10 pm

    I love the idea of embracing who you are and discovering for yourself what makes you who you are. What I liked about the DYT free course was that I felt afterwards that I shouldn’t look at myself and only see flaws. I also have learned to be more understanding of others behavior. I had never taken the perspective she offered before and I thought it was exciting. I wasn’t that interested in the style portion though. I’m a TA, SN, T1/4 from what I feel which in my head, doesn’t fit into any specific classification, and so in the end all I can say is just that I am me.

    I sometimes wonder if we try so hard to group ourselves with a type, or classification, that we lose our individual nature. I love the idea that no one else is like anyone else and that the world would be a little less than the beauty that it is, without each and every one of us. I want to love my uniqueness and everyone else’s too. The eternal optimist, yeppers, that’s me. Wahoo!

  13. Anonymous on June 7th, 2012 4:54 am

    The crossover with Kibbe is Yin Yang.

    Kibbe is on my Listmania of Books related to Dressing Your Truth (DYT):


  14. Nirmala on June 7th, 2012 5:59 am

    I’m loving everyones comments, because they reflect my thoughts exactly! I must admit that I LOVE that Carol Tuttle has enabled me to see that everyone has a unique way of thinking that is not always understood by others, and that lines, wrinkles, “flaws” are not only acceptable, they are beautiful! We live in a “perfection” driven, airbrushed media system that makes no allowance for “flaws”. Yet the people I love the most in the world do not look like supermodels (though they do to me!!!)
    From the objective “style” point of view, I feel very confused about the parallels made between Sci/Art and Types, because they often contradict eachother if they’re too different, which to me, when combining them, kind of dilutes the power of both the elements, but then I’d need to see how these work on a real person to decide whether it actually brings out their true vitality, or whether it dilutes their energy. If I am a Soft Summer with Type 1 tendencies, I still find that Soft Summer style clothes (drapy, soft texture, etc…) still looks a lot better on me than any sort of Type 1 randomness. But I feel that I’m actually a type 2, becuase since I have let myself relax into my being a Soft Summer, I have come to accept those aspects of myself that are more Type 2, and have been expressing them a lot more to date. Going fully with the Soft Su vibe has opened a world to me that I had never seen before, and I feel more myself than I ever was. The Sci/Art colours/categories are not devoid of movement, on the contrary! I have read every last detail of Christines book, and there is a LOT to do with movement, shapes, etc… in there, and it all makes perfect, wonderful sense.

    So how have I reconciled the DYT with Sci/Art? Colour for style and my true self. DYT for the mental processes, those little brain charts that have helped me understand the diversity of thought patterns amongst us, and to be more understanding of those who I may have judged too harshly (especially my other half).

  15. J.V. on June 7th, 2012 8:34 am

    A few years ago DYT used to let you send in your picture and they would look at your face and tell you your type. I was told that I was a type 4/1. It was very upsetting to me because I found the personality portrait to be fairly negative and, while I did relate to a few of the characteristics, I found myself in a sea of self-doubt, wondering if I really was that rigid, inadvertently rude, etc. I posted some of these doubts on DYT forums and the general reaction was that I just needed to accept my type. The sensitive, polite, easily hurt person that I thought I was, she was just a front I had been living in.

    The reason I am writing this is to say that I am surprised how helpful people seem to find the personality advice from DYT. I thought that the best part of the program was the style advice. I learned about the slightly straighter lines of my face and how I look rounder and softer in clothes with straighter lines. That was useful to me. And the colors? I am either a light spring or light summer (from 2 on-line analysis) and the type 4 colors feel totally wrong on me. I am so glad to see Christine showing how you can take some of the concepts and adapt them to your own coloring.

    Just to not be too anti-DYT — the store is great. A way to try out some new styles of jewelry for a very reasonable price. And the people seem friendly. I wonder if they had seen me in person if I would have gotten another result.

  16. Rachel on June 7th, 2012 11:27 am

    Like button. Yes, yes, yes. Take the best and leave the rest, always. As ever, Christine, you’re the island of reason in a sea of bull****. Thanks for this!

  17. Ellie on June 7th, 2012 11:41 am

    Great article, I’ve really been enjoying the DYT free course having read about it here. Carol’s enthusiasm is infectious, and it’s the first time I’ve been able to get a handle on why I have such a strong confusion and instinct towards the summer seasonal elements when I’m Lsp. Getting to hear about type 2 was magic, it’s those elements I hanker after, not the colours, they were just mixed together in my mind because previously I had means of understanding them only through colour analysis terms. I could instantly spot a type 3 and a type 4 woman in my immediate family too. Every new set of ideas, every new way of looking at things and new terms builds a wider picture and ground for wider understanding. Exciting stuff!

  18. Christine Scaman on June 7th, 2012 2:51 pm

    Thank you all for your willingness to share your intelligence. It’s great to read :)

    Rachel – lovely to see you’re still out there!

    I agree with everything you all said. DYT is not to be disregarded at all. It had a lot to offer to me and I came into it like many of you, having read the books and the ideologies. We all have a suspicion that they intersect, though the lines aren’t perfectly clean. It’s just interesting to read a different approach to a topic we love. I appreciate what Karen said about being careful not to exclude from your life based on DYT. It’s better as a base for what new things to INclude that could be more interesting, as Rachel said about movement. I had the same experience about being ok with busier prints, less shiny surfaces than the typical T4, more faceted jewelry.

    Krista – to learn anything new, we first have to dismantle and examine what we already know :) So you’re a True Autumn, Type 4, Dramatic Classic. That sounds fairly straightforward to me in terms of finding clothes. How much you want to disregard Carol’s colour advice for T4 and just stick with T3 colours (which is what I’d do), that’s up to you.

  19. Kristina on June 8th, 2012 7:14 am

    This is the best post you’ve ever written. I especially liked this part:

    “Though we search for our truths, there’s no easy road. They are quite cleverly concealed, maybe as protection from us, for if any way were revealed too soon, we would probably misuse them like any information we get when we’re not ready.”

    I’ve been trying to find my Kibbe, season, personality type, etc. for a couple years now, sort of a quarter-life soul search. :) The only thing I’m sure about is that I’m an INFP.

    As an INFP, I disagree with you that women don’t have an intuition about what looks good on them. Some women are much better at using their intuition than others (INFPs have “introverted feeling” as their most used function, which means we can just feel things out and know what’s right for us). I’ve always known that I look better in muted lip colors than bright ones, and soft clothing colors rather than neon.Some women, namely S types, have a harder time accessing this intuitive side. But even my mom, who is the most practical ISTJ you’ll ever meet and doesn’t care about style at all, instinctively knows not to buy ruffles and pastels, because she has dark autumn coloring and an FN build (she doesn’t know this). Without any outside guidance, she gets it right most of the time.

    I can’t trust others as much as I can trust myself on what looks good on me, because my feeling intuition is one of my greatest gifts as an INFP. No one ever agrees, anyway, so why not follow what you like best? Analysts are always having different opinions on the same person, photos are unbelievably unreliable, and on the color yuku site, no one can EVER agree on what type anyone is, so, as you said in your post, it’s all subjective, anyway.

    Overall, all these systems are too boxed-in for a free spirit like me. :) I’m sure they are great for others, who are analytical and hate shopping and need to have someone help them get it right. But my advice to everyone is to try to tap into your own intuition a little more often. I think I like doing that better than having people tell me I am this season and that Kibbe and buying things under those strict guidelines for 20 years, only to figure out they’re not my best. Only YOU can decide what’s your best, and it’s a life-long journey.

  20. Holly Allen on June 8th, 2012 8:10 am

    “‘everyone of these seasons/Kibbes/Types have their intersections, it”s when you find them that the fun begins”

    I love that line! It is and should be fun, from an animated Type 1, Soft Autumn, Theatrical Romantic. :D

  21. Anonymous on June 8th, 2012 9:01 am

    Rohm’s DISC 4-Temperament books—-Energy Type links—-Yin Yang Style Type links

    If the personality part of “Dressing Your Truth” & “It’s Just My Nature” speaks to you, you might like Robert A. Rohm, PhD.’s “Who Do You Think You Are, Anyway?” (DISC 4 Temperament theory book)—it is very similar.

    I have updated my Listmania! list to include many excellent Energy type and Yin Yang style type information. Caygill and Angela Wright links (Energy types), Belle Northrup articles (Yin Yang style types).

    I ran out of room and had to tuck articles into the writing areas for books. I don’t want people to miss them. A link to a research article co-authored by Angela Wright is in her book section. A link to an article about Itten & Caygill is in one of the Itten books areas. A link to a post on Caygill and “vibration” is in the Caygill book section.


  22. Anonymous on June 8th, 2012 10:02 am

    I could not fit this information regarding Yin Yang style type terminology onto my Listmania! list. (Click on my name to reach the Listmania! list.):

    Personality theory A body of knowledge that deals with the formation, development, and organization of personality as it relates to clothing. Related to personal style in Yin and Yang.

    Tailored styles Structured looking clothing styles, designed with predominately straight lines, angular and tubular shapes, darker and dulled colors with strong value contrast, firmer fabrics, and smaller geometric patterns (prints, stripes, and plaids). Tailored design details are associated with yang personal style characteristics.

    Yang Asian/Oriental concept adapted and applied to personality and personal style. Yang embodies advancing, assertive, authoritative, and dominant traits. In clothing, yang relates closely to tailored styling.

    Yin Asian/Oriental concept adapted and applied to personality and personal style. Yin embodies receding, receptive, approachable, subordinate traits. In clothing, Yin relates closely to untailored styling.

    Delicate/ Ingénue Yin A category on the Yin/Yang continuum. Delicate personal style types are characterized as forever young, approachable, gentle, innocent, and receptive. This category applies to women only.

    Sporty/Gamin Yin A category on the Yin/Yang continuum. Sporty personal style types are characterized as approachable, youthful, friendly, casual, and mischievous. This category applies to men and women.

    Romantic Yin A category on the Yin/Yang continuum. Romantic personal style types are characterized as approachable, receptive, warm, charming, and responsive. This category applies to men and women.

    Classic Yang A category on the Yin/Yang continuum. Classic personal style types are characterized as authoritative, conventional, practical, poised, orderly, and refined. This category applies to men and women.

    Sportive/Athletic Yang A category on the Yin/Yang continuum. Sportive personal style types are characterized as assertive, confident, outgoing, and persistent. This category applies to men and women.

    Dramatic Yang A category on the Yin/Yang continuum. Dramatic personal style types are characterized as assertive, striking, sophisticated, and possibly theatrical or exaggerated. This category applies to men and women.

    (From http://www.aici.org/Certification/First_Level_Certification/AICIKeyTerms_000.htm)

    P.S. I hope Christine doesn’t delete my posts again. ;-)

  23. Zandra on June 9th, 2012 7:02 am

    I’ve been through the free DYT course too and am sorely tempted to buy the DYT program… But for me it’s the hours of vids and guides that are tempting. I actually don’t get at all why people are so into the personality vibes. Or rather: I didn’t get it. After thinking about it for some time, I’m probably the last person who should say something since I’ve put tons and tons and tons of work behind finding my personal equilibrium. So the DYT personality messages wasn’t news to me and therefore haven’t created any shockwaves.

    I think going through a very intense conflict management course with lots and lots of exercises at uni has vaccinated me for life. Win-win can only be achieved from a point of balance, if you’re not in balance it’s nearly impossible, so 40 or so people over 4 months time who face several challenging exercises a week where they’re ideally to be both assertive and empathic… the tension and suspension that builds up is very tangible and very powerful. An experience like that is extremely confusing and a tell-tale sign of that inner pressure was that nearly nobody let through insecurity into their speach, in fact most were showing signs of held back aggression at the end, due to all those feelings bubbling up, that (in the light of what we were doing) couldn’t be pushed back and had to be dealt with in some way. Suspension. I imagine that something similar is happening when people are faced with DYT. But no one here is after all forced to face every incarnation there is of the concept “responsibility” (the devious thing is that you end up face to face with yourself in every single one of them).

    DYT is one among those systems that has a win-win structure, which encourage being both assertive and empathic – also to one self. If the system’s recs don’t work for someone on top of that (and some of them seem a bit too rigid), I imagine it might be hard to move on from there. Especially since it’s ALSO presented as an all-or-nothing system. That IS very confusing to me and I can’t see the need for it. But then it isn’t my system and the parts of it I like can be combined with colour and Kibbe and MBTI and whatnot anyways. At least that’s my take on how come a system for dress and style creates such turmoil – but it’s very, very unfortunate that the battle is fought among the clothing racks instead of where it belongs, the actual issues won’t be addressed and dealt with this way. Kudos to Christine, for acknowledging that. After seeing the “2Sp” polyvore I now want to be a 2 instead of a 4 (and a D) :-) Awesome job with that one. The others are, of course, very nice as well, but… this particular polyvore captures so much of the joy I find in my TSp colours and how I see them.

  24. Nicole on June 10th, 2012 5:37 am

    I’m going to chime in with my own views on the DYT course, as I’d not heard of it before reading Christine’s post. I took the free course (and cheated the daily mailbox postings so I could get through all 6 levels in a couple of days lol). I like her energy/personality typings, although I don’t think it would be helpful to color typing or dressing for body shapes except superficially. Here is what I discovered though – all the personality types she listed can directly be tied to energy Zodiac typing (NOT grocery store horoscopes, but a true horoscope chart). I’m definitely a Type 1 (Air). That would also vibrate to a Gemini (Air) energy (I’m a Taurus sun with a moon in Gemini…for those unfamiliar with how planetary placement works, the sun is what we typically associate with our zodiac sign but astrologers think the moon is just as important as it shows what all our hidden emotions and energy are). Interestingly, I can see my friend Ellie in a Type 4 (she is a Sagittarius with a moon in Virgo). So just judging from our two placements, I would draw a cursory conclusion that your energy typing is going to vibrate most strongly with your moon sign, and your secondary “typing” will probably depend on your sun sign, as sun signs tend to give a broad stroke of physical characteristics. I would be interested to know if any of you have come to this same discovery. If you’ve never set up a chart for yourself, I’ve put a weblink below that you can enter your information and it will give you a free cursory overview…it’s cool because in doing the color and Kibbe and typing I can see how the parts of my planetary placements are related to how my energy and color all vibrate together…I always knew they were all connected, just not that it would extend even to how we look in different colors and fashion. Interesting no?

  25. Christine Scaman on June 10th, 2012 6:11 am

    I raced off to do this. Not sure how to read it, but got for Sun and Moon:

    Sun is in 10 Degrees Libra.
    Very sociable, you enjoy being with others and definitely prefer not be alone. Warm and affectionate, you go out of your way to make others like you. You despise ugliness, for you being surrounded by beauty and harmony is a necessity of life. You prefer fine clothing, an attractive home and pleasant surroundings wherever you are. Your refined tastes apply to music and to art as well. At times, you are very indecisive you waver and falter when forced to make a choice because you have the ability to see both sides of any question. The positive part of this is that you are very fair-minded and can be trusted to settle disputes. Your greatest challenge is to take any one- on-one encounter and make the most of it.

    Moon is in 20 Degrees Pisces.
    You have strong feelings and are extremely sensitive. It would help if you had a thicker skin — you tend to react emotionally to every situation you come across. Kind, gentle and considerate of the feelings of others, you are good at taking care of the sick, wounded and helpless. But you tend to absorb the energy of others — so avoid those who are always negative. You have a rich, creative and lively imagination, but you should be careful not to spend all your time daydreaming. Very intuitive, you have good ESP and may be quite clairvoyant or psychic. Remember that you too have the right to get what you want from life. If you are always defensive and kowtowing to others, people will take advantage of you and exploit you.

    This doesn’t feel like the me I’ve come to know. I’ve gotten nicer than I used to be, but perhaps not this nice. I would be thrilled to connect my Type, Kibbe, and colours together. I would see me as T4/3. Do you see any correlations with Sun/Moon?

  26. Anonymous on June 10th, 2012 6:21 am

    To me it DYT seems more straightforward Yin and Yang style type energy movement.

    Irenee Riter
    Spring – Energy moves into excited action. (spring energy – animates)
    Summer – Energy becomes softer. (summer energy – softens)
    Autumn – Energy begins to move. (autumn energy – busy)
    Winter – Energy is still and set. (winter energy – still)

    Dressing Your Truth (DYT)

    Type 1 – highest movement
    Type 2 – medium to low movement
    Type 3 – medium to high movement
    Type 4 – low to no movement

  27. Nicole on June 10th, 2012 6:47 am

    Christine, I’d love to know what your Mercury (intellect), Venus (emotion), and Mars (ambition) planets are in! I never would have pegged you for a Libra/Pisces mix AT ALL! Both are mutable (very changeable) signs. The only connection I can see immediately to the T4 type is that both Libra and Pisces create a yin yang balance (Libra is air, so Yang and Pisces is water, so Yin) and that both have an extremely high aesthetic appreciation for form and function; however, neither are “black and white” people. Things cannot be ugly or out of balance or it throws off their equilibrium. I think the Pisces moon is probably what makes you so good at your job both as a vet and as a color analyst, and the Libra also would make you excellent at the aesthetics of color balance and typing. Other than that, I am not aware of any character traits that make either Libra or Pisces rigid, so I’m thinking that probably comes from one of your Mercury-Venus-Mars combinations. The clean lines of a Dark Winter Dramatic would, in a Karmic sense, create balance for a Libra, as they are constantly seeking balance in their world (the symbol for a Libra is the scale, as they are always trying to find balance and justice).

  28. Nicole on June 10th, 2012 6:51 am

    Hmm…actually now that I’m reading my comments and thinking about how Libra always seeks balance, T4 really would make the most sense for a Libra. Although they are not black and white people, the aesthetics combines with always looking for balance actually would create harmony with the T4, as that is the type that has clean lines, is still, and is the only type you can fold in half and is balanced on both sides. I don’t see the connection with your Pisces moon though. A T3 has nothing in common with a Pisces LOL.

  29. Nicole on June 10th, 2012 7:21 am

    The OCD part of my brain won’t leave this problem alone. I’m thinking about how I express my moon more strongly (Gemini) than my sun (Taurus) in how it comes out in my personality and my world view and interactions, and how that even affects my personality type as a Type 1 (not just in the DYT system, but I suspect in any energy typing system if she is borrowing from others). My lines are very SG, very childlike with a touch of silly and romantic (perhaps that’s where the childlike energy of Gemini meets the very earthy female energy of Taurus in physical manifestation). Now I’m thinking about the fact that I’m also Dark Autumn…very earth of me (how Taurus!). Christine, from knowing you are a Libra sun, and a Dark Winter, and a Kibbe Dramatic, I suspect in the balance of sun and moon, you express your sun (Libra) more strongly, in that in this embodiment, form, function, clean lines, and balance are more expressed in you (actually, if not taken as a world view, “black and white” could actually mean the balance in all things come to think of it…). Pisces are a dark yin feminine sign, as water they are deep so perhaps your Dark Winter coloring is your body’s way of expressing your moon in vibrational coloring in your physical form, a way of tying it to the form and function of a clean dramatic classic lines. Also, Pisces can be a very (melo)dramatic sign, in the negative expression it is given to dark morbid tantrums and deep melancholy (I bet the original goth was a Pisces). As a theory, it’s interesting to see the ways, as you say, the places they could intersect. For what it is worth, just from reading your writing I don’t see you as overly emotional, but I think you express your creative Pisces energy through word and prose and your ability to take concepts and turn them into pictures the rest of us can easily understand.

  30. Nicole on June 10th, 2012 7:28 am

    At this point I cannot shut up! LOL. I was wrong, Libra is the CARDINAL (leadership) Air sign…Gemini is the mutable Air sign. I haven’t had enough caffeine yet! As another note of interest, I forgot to mention my boyfriend is a Scorpio (water) with a moon in Leo (fire) and he is such a painfully obvious T3 that it’s ridiculous.

  31. Suzy on June 10th, 2012 9:05 am

    Hi Christine. Thanks for keeping it real.
    I sympathize with those that cannot recognize their Type. We all want to belong – desire to fit in – yearn to be accepted. It’s a basic human need. Our survival as a species depends on it. So, when we seemingly don’t fit in, we feel hurt, dejected, even rejected. It is a deeply seated human need to have order to the world (fire is hot, water is good, etc) and when we don’t “fit” into that order, we don’t understand what is wrong and perceive it as a threat (our brains do anyway, whether we know it or not). What have humans always done when threatened? Fight or flee. Since we do not recognize that this is bad for us and that we should move on (flee), we fight. How do we fight a perceived enemy that is not physical? With words and emotions. We slip can slip into our lowest form of consciousness and into our “reptilian” brain – and lose all sight of logic and rationality. Our emotions take over and we humans lash out — we’ve all done it. And, by trying to prove the theory is wrong or borrowed or whatever, they are only trying to remove the threat they perceive. The psychology is really quite fascinating. Does it give the “injured” the right to lash out? Of course not. But it takes maturity and experience to make better choices. Everyone wants to survive (clothing being another NEED), yet some need to be reminded that there is more than one choice, more than one option that meets our BASIC needs. Yet, because we are human and have these choices – we do not merely survive in our own skin like almost every single other animal on the planet – we look to our mothers, our elders, those that have come before us, those that SEEM to be not only surviving, but thriving, for guidance. (Spoken like a true Light Summer…)

  32. Anonymous on June 10th, 2012 9:45 am


    I find it interesting how you interpret DYT– ie, you can be a dark winter yet be a type 1, or a soft autumn and be a Type 2.

    I have interpreted the system more simplistically: If you are a dark winter, you are a Type 4, secondary 3 by default. If you are a soft autumn, you are a type 3 secondary 2 by default.

    I think if you are a true season, it’s a little trickier. For example, I am a true summer but the color analyst at first glance had suspected I would be a light summer. A true season could, it seems, would be the type their season is (in my case, Type 2) with their secondary energy being EITHER the season across from them on the color wheel (here, Type 4) or equally the two corresponding seasons (Type 1 and Type 3). And the degree for any secondary season might depend on how close they are on the color wheel between two seasons (ex. are you right on the line between soft summer and soft autumn? or light summer and light spring? for example).

    At my color analysis, I was told I had more of an autumn personality. I wasn’t really sure what was meant by that, but in the dyt system, I think that may be more consistent with type 2, as a warm and supportive/encouraging personality (interestingly, I used to wear a lot of autumn colors). However, it is noteworthy that both of my parents have autumn/winter mix type personalities, and I was raised to value thinking practically, being efficient, and to be exact and correct in my speech, regardless of what my natural inclination might be. However, I think who I really am inside is much more like one interpretation of a true summer person, which is desiring harmony at all costs; my point being that what you ARE might not be what you act like, based on many different factors, such as how you were raised, etc.

  33. Anonymous on June 10th, 2012 9:48 am

    P.S. I know that Taylore Sinclaire, for example, says that any season can be any energy type. However, that does not make sense to me. How are you going to “vibrate” BEST with a color that is not one of your best colors? To me, this is more of a “covering your hair with the grey cap” during a draping type thing- any season can be any hair and eye color; don’t let THOSE things get in the way during the analysis. It is the skin (or “energy”) that is the most important.

  34. Christine Scaman on June 10th, 2012 11:02 am

    Ta daaaa!!!

    I changed the time of birth by 30 minutes to be more specific.

    I feel quite 85% Libra, maybe more. No idea what secondary feels right. Many of them.

    Yes, Dark Winter, Dramatic Classic actually.

    What is CARDINAL vs MUTABLE?

    My sister is Light Summer Scorpio. We had a Russian grandmother and that very particular temperament (sounds Pisces from your description) is in the mix. Grandfather was Hungarian, another temperament altogether.


    Rising Sign is in 04 Degrees Libra
    Very attractive and popular, your charm helps you to get your own way and prevents others from getting angry with you. “Peace and harmony at all costs” is your battle cry. You always try to ameliorate or to cosmetically hide any physical ugliness or any angry feelings between people. Flashy, but not gaudy, you prefer to dress elegantly. You generally have good taste in music, art and literature. Beware of the tendency to compromise yourself in your attempt to be agreeable at all times. A bit of a social butterfly, at times you can be vain and lazy. For the most part, however, you are gracious and affectionate, and your refined and aristocratic demeanor serves as a role model to others.

    Sun is in 10 Degrees Libra.
    Very sociable, you enjoy being with others and definitely prefer not be alone. Warm and affectionate, you go out of your way to make others like you. You despise ugliness, for you being surrounded by beauty and harmony is a necessity of life. You prefer fine clothing, an attractive home and pleasant surroundings wherever you are. Your refined tastes apply to music and to art as well. At times, you are very indecisive you waver and falter when forced to make a choice because you have the ability to see both sides of any question. The positive part of this is that you are very fair-minded and can be trusted to settle disputes. Your greatest challenge is to take any one- on-one encounter and make the most of it.

    Moon is in 21 Degrees Pisces.
    You have strong feelings and are extremely sensitive. It would help if you had a thicker skin — you tend to react emotionally to every situation you come across. Kind, gentle and considerate of the feelings of others, you are good at taking care of the sick, wounded and helpless. But you tend to absorb the energy of others — so avoid those who are always negative. You have a rich, creative and lively imagination, but you should be careful not to spend all your time daydreaming. Very intuitive, you have good ESP and may be quite clairvoyant or psychic. Remember that you too have the right to get what you want from life. If you are always defensive and kowtowing to others, people will take advantage of you and exploit you.

    Mercury is in 02 Degrees Scorpio.
    You are a born investigator. You are fascinated by secrets and mysteries and unanswered questions of any kind. When you become upset or angry, your emotional reactions are overpowering — reason and logic disappear in an uncontrollable passionate outburst. You tend to keep your thoughts secret and bottled up and this makes others regard you with suspicion. It is not that you are trying purposely to be evasive, it is just that you would rather not deal with the explosions and hassles that often occur when you reveal your true feelings and opinions. Your sense of humor tends toward sarcasm and irony.

    Venus is in 07 Degrees Scorpio.
    Your feelings about others are deep, powerful, intense and complex. When you like someone, you do so totally and obsessively if you do not like someone, they do not exist. Your faithfulness and loyalty to your lover is unquestioned, indeed at times it is too much so — you get so possessive that you almost smother your partner. At times, your feelings are kept deep within you and, because they are so complex and intense, they frighten you — this is the way that you try to ignore them. But the more you try to do this, the more explosive things get when you eventually do express them.

    Mars is in 05 Degrees Cancer.
    Your moods are very important to your overall well-being. You are confident and self-assertive when you are feeling upbeat, and you are retiring, irritable and grumpy when you get depressed about anything. Very sensitive, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are easily angered whenever you think someone has slighted you. It is best for you to show your anger immediately and let it all out, rather than to try to hold it in or to hold grudges for a long time. You’re extremely loyal and defensive of your family, neighborhood, community and culture.

    Jupiter is in 26 Degrees Sagittarius.
    You have a very strong sense of ethics and morality. You are widely read and may also be widely traveled because you are sincerely interested in expanding your knowledge of the world about you. At times, you have an annoying tendency to be self-righteous and preachy about your belief system. You are usually quite idealistic and you demand the right to be able to explore the entire world of experiences yourself. Remember to grant others the similar right — be tolerant, not dogmatic.

    Saturn is in 12 Degrees Capricorn.
    Very serious-minded and mature, you have the ability to take on responsibilities and to carry out important duties. You can also be trusted to be extremely practical and thrifty. A good organizer, you are the ideal one to be counted on to take a clearly defined project through to its logical conclusion. An achiever, you pride yourself on your ability to focus your attention totally on some worthy goal and then attain it.

    Uranus is in 24 Degrees Leo.
    You, and your peers as well, demand complete and total freedom of self- expression. You want to make your mark in the world according to your own lights and will brook no interference from traditional authority figures, especially if they attempt to mold or shape you in any way. You are honest and forthright, but a bit offbeat and eccentric. The lack of self-discipline may hinder you from reaching your goals as quickly as you would like.

    Neptune is in 07 Degrees Scorpio.
    You, and your entire generation, are extremely interested in anything deep and mysterious. You will explore and idealize the benefits that can accrue from the study of the occult, healing and psychology. You are willing to experiment with substances like drugs in order to push your understanding of your inner being to the extreme.

    Pluto is in 07 Degrees Virgo.
    For your entire generation, this will be a time when profound changes in society’s attitude toward work, duty and responsibility will be initiated. Radical changes in attitudes toward personal health and general nutrition will be promulgated and gain wide acceptance and practice.

    N. Node is in 15 Degrees Virgo.
    You’re usually quite at ease in leaving leadership roles in the hands of others. You would rather tend to the thousand and one details that need to be accomplished to keep any group going. Although you’re very fussy and high-minded when it comes to choosing your associates, once your loyalty is given you can be trusted with many of the practical aspects of any project that is being undertaken. Usually quite unselfish, you will toil long hours in the service of any worthy cause that demands your attention. But be careful that your perfectionist tendencies don’t get in the way of making real progress. (In other words, don’t waste your time dusting clean shelves!)


    Anon – I can see that Dark Winter would be T4/3 – if you allowed colour and Type to be related, but I really don’t in many women. When it fits, as in me, then fine. But it doesn’t always fit. On the DYT Before and After page, many T4s are Winter, but not all of them.

    I think we can be one energy type and a seemingly unrelated Season because we don’t understand the final links between energies and Season. We only skim the surface, to my eyes, so the relationships are not as obvious as they will (hopefully) become. We wouldn’t need to cover NATURAL hair for a PCA – but you’re right, it’s another example of any Season/any hair colour or any energy/any Season.

    Or am I mixing up your words?


    Love your thoughts as always. Not becoming puppets of our reptilian tendencies is so much more difficult than it sounds. Every day, I pray not to need validation or affirmation from the outside, and when I look back on the day, the human collective consciousness desire to belong won the fight at some point or other. But we learn, we learn.

  35. Nicole on June 10th, 2012 12:05 pm

    Christine….Ok NOW the rigid part of T4 makes sense…Scorpio is a very deep, intense sign, and is a Fixed sign…NO ONE is telling Scorp how they think about anything…except Scorp. LOL. Scorp is also water, and is the deepest and most mysterious sign…some astrologers say Scorp doesn’t even understand Scorp (living with a Scorp, I’d say that’s not true, I’d just say a Scorp isn’t going to tell you what they think unless they want to). Having Scorp in your intellectual and emotional placements reinforces why you say that you see in yourself that no one will tell you how to think or feel about anything (and possibly why you don’t think you are “nice”). In western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, which are broken up into 4 elements and further into 3 modes (hmm…actually… sound familiar?) The 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) are subcategorized within each element as Mutable, Cardinal, and Fixed. So for instance, Air will have Gemini (mutable), Libra (cardinal) and Aquarius (fixed). The way each element expresses their mode (mutable, cardinal, fixed) is expressed differently depending on which sign it is in. So while a characteristic of fixed Earth (Taurus) may be extreme stubborness, the fixed characteristic in Scorpio may be expressed as excessive inflexibility. Another way of looking at it is the mutable signs are the idea people (because they are always changing and never still), the cardinal people are the leaders who can convince people to embrace the new idea (they are explosive and dynamic) and the fixed people (stable, more predictable in their thoughts and actions) are the ones who can figure out how to make the ideas reality.

  36. Christine Scaman on June 11th, 2012 11:05 am

    Oh, my, I see lights going on. 4 Elements, 3 Modes…so if Summer is, say, Water, then a L Su is Water/Mutable and a True Summer is Water/Fixed. The possibilities! I’m certain it all ties together. Some things aren’t part of this 4 and 3 pattern we keep running across – like Chakras and Colour Wheels, everyone has their own of the full set. The PCA system that Donna Cognac uses is based in the elements, I believe, and also subdivides beyond just 4 Elements. The report below (which can be sent to you with 30 pages more detail) is interesting, takes in a lot of the complexity and inter-relationships that make up personalities.
    My husband would choke himself blue with laughter at the idea that he is smothered by me.

  37. Amy on June 11th, 2012 10:39 pm

    This whole discussion is just fascinating to me! Love the comments.

    I have a request…if that’s allowed. I am a type 4. Confirmed by Carol. My coloring is light summer. (Interestingly enough, type 2 is probably a strong secondary for me, followed by type 1, with very little type 3) Flowy, flowery, type 2 style is sooooooo beautiful to look at, yet awkward and a bit “off” on me. I’ve started to notice that the more “solid” and bold light summer colors are my better colors.

    How would you translate this? How would you visualize the blend of a Type 4/2 or type 4 with light summer coloring? I can feel the elements, but trying visualize them together makes my head hurt!

  38. Nicole on June 12th, 2012 4:32 am

    Christine, I laughed at your comment about your husband. I love how true charts give more insight into our personality and energy flow. I always found it interesting that I was supposed to be born under the sign of Aries (I was born two weeks late) and all of the planets closely surrounding me (other than my sun-moon combination) are stacked in fire (Aries is a fire sign). I’m going to have to look up Cognac, that sounds fascinating. I do know that although I am drawn to bright happy colors because of my energy, I could never wear them. I keep going back to the BSp colors and wondering if I could wear them because I want to soooo badly.

  39. Anonymous on June 12th, 2012 5:32 am

    —Energy types & Elements—

    I wonder if people think the Elements of Angela Wright or DYT fit them better?

    Angela Wright’s Energy types are similar to Dressing Your Truth (DYT) Energy types. Angela Wright features the Elements of each Energy type prominently in her book (The Beginner’s Guide To Colour Psychology).

    Angela Wright’s Energy types are named: Spring/Type 1/Morninglight, Summer/Type 2/Dreamlight, Autumn/Type 3/Firelight, Winter/Type 4/Starlight.

    Dressing Your Truth (DYT) Elements:
    Type 1 – AIR
    Type 2 – WATER
    Type 3 – FIRE
    Type 4 – EARTH

    Angela Wright Elements:
    Spring – WATER (preferably moving)
    Summer – AIR
    Autumn – FIRE
    Winter – EARTH

    Angela Wright summarizes her personalities
    (uses “light” and “intense” for “Yin” and “Yang” personalities):
    Spring- externally motivated & light
    Summer- internally motivated & light
    Autumn- externally motivated & more intense
    Winter- internally motivated & intense

    Angela Wright tonal color groups:
    Spring-warm (yellow based) & light
    Summer-cool (blue based) & delicate
    Autumn-warm (yellow based) & rich
    Winter-cool (blue based) & strong

    related links, including a color and personality quiz:



  40. Lena on June 12th, 2012 9:35 am

    I did the free online DYT course and came out a Type 2 Soft Subtle Woman.

    Carol Tuttle’s daughter, Anne, is a lovely young woman who wears Type 2 clothes beautifully but I am a middle-aged professional who can’t wear flowy scarves and fake flowers in my hair to work! And the dusty greyish Type 2 colors make me look like death ( barely ) warmed over. I am an Autumn.

    Not impressed with DYT in general. At least I didn’t have to pay anything for it.

  41. anja on June 12th, 2012 10:35 am

    Nicole, I like your posts and find them very interesting. I think I am a Type 1 with a secondary Type 2. I also saw the connection to my zodiac signs. My moon is in gemini (air) and my sun in cancer (water) so that corresponds :)

  42. Kathryn on June 12th, 2012 4:15 pm

    Very balanced post on this topic, Christine. Common sense as always.

  43. Trisha on June 14th, 2012 2:54 am

    Interesting article and I like the way, Christine, you’ve gone through the types assigning them unrelated seasons. I have to agree, that as far as I understand it Carol doesn’t relate specific types to specific colourings, so you could be a type 2 and deep autumn or type 4 and summery? I have to say the grouping doesn’t quite work for me (although I know she has a get out phrase that not everyone has all the characteristics). I have found Evana Maggiore’s Fashion Feng Shui to do it for me. These are similar types in some aspects, although five of them inline with Eastern philosophy concerning the five elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. I found myself described here almost exactly, an uncanny likeness to Water characteristics (I am a Piscean too) – teach art, love black, dark spaces, film noir, go with the flow, nebulous nature, etc. I have a friend who is definately Wood – runs marathons (even thriathalons) teaches in a gym, lives in sports gear, never sits down, always on the go. Two close friends are Earth, steady, reliable, conservative, dependable, rock types you can set your watch by (this sounds unflattering almost, but its not, they are both lovely people). They are both conservative dressers by nature too, classic, formal, even press their jeans carefully, not interested in keeping up with trends, their own admission. Two others are definately Metal, refined, luxury loving, cultured, expensive tastes, gourmat diners, world travellers; they wear a lot of grey tones, expensive subtle tone on tones, never any fashion brights or anything obvious, but always up to date. One is fire – outgoing to the point of frenzy, own a boutique, loves life, party animal, often in her favourite ocelot printed coat, zipping about in a red sports car. I passed around Evana book for them to read, and we identified each other in the same way from her descriptions, and could name relatives as well. So far, on the personality front, I’ve found hers the most intuitive and fulfilling approach, I can’t justify it scientifically, but it seems to work against all the odds. Evana’s colour advice is quite general, darks and deeps for Water, soft muteds for Metals,etc, I take this as a very general guide and blend it with season grouping, so a deep autumn, I go for deep toned black/rust paisleys and black slouchy hobo bags, fluid shapes, with gold fittings in the hope that this is right, well it feels right anyway. I feel more comfortable dressing this way since I’ve adopted it – ah, I said that word “comfortable” which Carole refers to as indicative of a type 2, so could be there is an alignment with that type somewhere as well, although I prefer the Feng Shui typing overall.

    or type 4 and summery.

  44. Christine Scaman on June 14th, 2012 2:21 pm

    Amy, I visualize that as Gwyneth Paltrow. Not uncommon to see Dramatic bodies in L Su. Maybe Sharon Stone?

  45. Nirmala on June 15th, 2012 1:13 am

    Wow, Trisha, I love this fashion feng shui concept, I am going to look it up immediately! From what you say alone, I already see myself as metal. Incidentally, I am a metal monkey in my Chinese horoscope, so maybe that means something… Anyway, I’ll look it up!
    Christine: I love the fact that your website has not only opened my eyes up to the true intricacies of Sci/Art and human colouring, but that indirectly, you have created, opened up a space, for such a wonderful community of like minded people.

  46. Lynn on June 15th, 2012 3:10 pm

    I love all the polyvores for the different types. I’m hoping you can do a true winter type 2 soon!

  47. Cynthia on June 16th, 2012 7:42 pm

    Interesting to read all the comments and emotions brought on by Carol Tuttle’s DYT. I also took the test with skepticism at first… and landed as a type 4.

    A couple of years ago I was identified as Lt. Summer in the SciART color system but have struggled with the look of Lt Summer’s soft flowing look, type and the popsicle colors. I have always been serious, formal and identify more with snow and polar bears than rainbows. So for me DYT is more about style than color. Leveraging Lt Summer’s signature off-white and light gray in a clean, crisp look and learning to accept my strengths was my take-away.

  48. Trisha on June 17th, 2012 3:47 am

    Nirmala, hope you managed to find a few things about Fashion Feng Shui? Apart from the website there isn’t a lot out there. I got the book sent – ordered it online from them direct, they will send worldwide; sometimes Amazon have supplies too.
    Cynthia, I like you, have struggled at times to unite my colours with a style that works, it sounds like you’ve done it fine though. I went for the deep autumn equestrian look, (Christine liked for deep autumns on this site) up to the recent the past and recognise that that formality Christine describes fits the colours and feel of late autumn. However, I find it more off key now I work from home as a tutor/textile artist and need a less formal look. Going to work in an a big art gallery (which I did previously) suited that jacketed, more formal edge and I had the income to sustain it then! The people I work with now, and the work I do, are both quite messy and unconventional, so I need a more laid back look. I found the Chic Fashionista site really good – try the quiz at to discover your style catergory on there – I come out as a boho everytime, which seems to match that Feng shui Water/Philosopher type dressing style/personality too (plus Carol T type 2?). Interesting that The Chic F decribes boho colours as naturally black, tans, rusts, deep greens, paisleys, antiqued gold jewellery, slouchy boho bags – she says herself, autumn colours – which suits me just fine! I am just aware though, that in my late fifties I have to steer more towards the lux boho she describes, otherwise the danger is I look like a bag lady!

  49. Mary on June 24th, 2012 5:48 am

    Hi, all, I’m enjoying reading all your comments.

    To Christine, about your Saturn in Capricorn, square (difficult) angle to your Libra Sun and Ascendant, I must ask if you like/love/ wear black well? Black is so associated with that Saturn! Also, how are your bones?! Odd question I know, but the Saturn in Capricorn refers to bones and knees, specifically. I have met many with Saturn in Capricorn who report knee issues.

    I am now 60 and began studying astrology in my teens. Finally, I chunked the whole of it because my chart kept insisting I should be very interested in politics and seeking political power (HA! that’s just too funny) due to Pluto in Leo in the 10th house of career. However, I decided to view the chart through the lens of the sidereal, instead of our more familiar, tropical zodiac. It often throws the Sun and Rising sign back one sign, making someone like yourself a Virgo with a Virgo ascendant. The remainder of the planets may or may not change signs. I add this in the event you need more data spinning around inside your skull to try and understand your chart.

  50. Tyson on June 24th, 2012 5:51 pm

    I don’t usually leave a comment here as I don’t usually have anything to add but when astrology becomes the topic I just have to jump in!

    I have not noticed any tendencies in coloring on people when it comes to astrology whether it’s the sun, the moon, the ascendent (rising sign) or even just the elemental combinations. For instance, Angelina Jolie and I are both Geminis but I’m a Light Summer and she could be anywhere from a Soft Summer to a Dark Winter. But then she has a LOT more fire in her chart than I do.

    Astrology is really complicated. Some planets, elements, and signs are more prominent in a chart than another. So someone with Virgo Rising could look very different from someone with Virgo AND Mars Rising. Uranus is really prominent in my chart so it might show up in my physical characteristics more so than another non-Uranian type person.

    I would like to learn more about the old school physical traits. Astrology of the last 50 years has been more psychology based (which is why I like it) but in the olden days it was more about the physical characteristics, temperament, and events. And the Ascendent is supposed to be THE determining factor for physical appearance but I haven’t found many tendencies there. That may be because we have no exact birth times for most celebrities who are our best bet for finding a trait.

    On that note though, I did do some comparison on the Libra Rising website ( http://www.librarising.com/astrology/astrotable.html ). I found some tendencies in both the Sun signs and the Moon signs. LR has photos of those of the same Moon sign together and you can get a good feel for commonalities. And those who seem more the exception tend to have another sign really prominent. For instance, Nancy Sinatra seems an exception for Gemini Sun ladies. Her jawline is MUCH more rounded BUT she has the Moon, Mercury, Venus, AND Mars in Cancer. The Sun and Moon Cancer ladies have faces with a lot of roundness.

    What do Gemini Sun ladies look like if Nancy Sinatra doesn’t look much like them? They have jawlines with prominent edges (in which I mean the ends by the ears). Now, Virgo Sun ladies also have prominent edged jaws but the Gemini’s line seems to move away from the ear more instead of straight down like the Virgo’s and they have a much more pointed, prominent chin (& sometimes dimpled). The Virgo jawline has less of an S to the jawline where it goes in before the chin than the Geminis do. It’s more of a smoothed line and sometimes even a very square straight line with the chin not dropping at all sometimes. Beyonce doesn’t have this squareness but then she has 2 personal and 2 social planets in Libra and NO other earth in her chart!

    I think there’s a trend in the Moon signs but there are less than a quarter the number of photos the Sun pages have because the Moon changes signs every 2 1/2 days. So even if you know the birthday, you sometimes need the exact birth time because the Moon might have changed signs that day!

    All in all, I highly doubt there are personal color correlations to astrology. But I think there is a connection between astrology and the other physical features of the face and body. It’s just hard to pinpoint if because charts ARE so unique and you have to look at the whole thing.

    I don’t really know Pluto in Leo is about as generational planets are not all the important to an individual unless it’s prominent in your chart (if you had Sun in Scorpio or Scorpio Rising or if Scorpio ruled your 2nd house & there were 4 planets in the 2nd). There are many WRONG cookbook interpretations out there especially if they write HAVE TOs instead of possibilities. It’s possible for Pluto in Leo in the 10th house to come out in politics. But it’s also possible to show up in some other “social image” or work-related way. Or maybe not even much at all because you have other stronger factors in the 10th or 6th or Saturn is just way stronger. I like tropical because many astrologers figured out what would happen long ago and decided to stick with it for seasonal reasons.

    I don’t if Leo is the 10th cusp but here’s something from GoldenWolfe.com that doesn’t mention politics:
    “If you have Leo on the tenth house cusp you will not do well as an underling, because Leo never follows. Leo leads. You need to be in a profession which allows you the opportunity to climb to the very top in terms of leadership. Wherever Leo appears in the horoscope is where the individual craves to bask in the light of attention, and if Leo appears on your tenth cusp you will want that attention to come as a result of what you accomplish upon the stage of your professional life. Leo on the tenth is also a frequent indicator of being able to make a profession out of one’s creative talent.

    Pluto: Pluto in the tenth house aspires toward worldly power, but similar to the case of Saturn, its power must be wielded and manifested wisely, or it will destroy what it has built up (Richard Nixon). Pluto potentially can do great work tearing down what needs to be eliminated and destroyed. Pluto’s tenth house placement can reveal anything from a career criminal to a miracle working surgeon or detective.”

    And this is CafeAstrology’s Pluto in the 10th House (great website):
    “*You have a powerful sense of destiny and may be unusually, even ruthlessly, ambitious. There is a very driven, compulsive quality to the way you pursue your career or other important life goals, which is likely to win you both staunch admirers and vigorous opponents.

    There is a very “radical” side to you, and you may want to remake or change the world in some significant way. Depending on other astrological factors in your chart and your own decisions, you can be either very destructive or a powerful force for healing and positive change in the world.

    #Change begins for you when you first feel the tug of ambition – you want something more or better. As you deal with transformation, your goal-oriented behavior becomes spiritual aspiration rather than simple material seeking.

    ^With Pluto in your 10th House achieving a sense of power can definitely be among your ambitions. This can be a highly creative position for Pluto, since exercising your ability to bring about transformational change and healing through your career path can be quite a challenge. Even if you decide not to follow a career path, you can still be a powerful force in your family and may even play an influential matriarchal role as you mature. However, you’re likely to run into power issues with others too, since as you become more adept at moving through the chain of command your presence and strength can attract power struggles with others. This is not the only option, since you may also find that you enjoy rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers. After all, that’s where you belong! But before you can achieve the levels of success you deeply desire, you may have to address buried resentments, guilt or shame which have their origins in your past. In essence, you can become a vessel for regeneration and healing, and your own wounds may be the keys to your power to influence change in the lives of others.”

    No mention of politics, it’s just more about power (Pluto) and leadership (Leo). Leo likes the glory and spotlight so Pluto would crave a powerful position in the world (10th) more so than a it would in another sign or house. But like all astrology, it’s not absolute and can or has come about in a very different way for you. Any book or astrologer that says you SHOULD be very interested in politics based only on this one thing is not very good at astrology ;) Are there other things in your chart that point to politics perhaps? The important stuff gets repeated!

  51. Tyson on June 24th, 2012 5:57 pm

    Man, there are a lot of grammatical errors in that post. I just want to say, sorry for the long post!

    And Christine, let me know if I go overboard with the astrology talk or it gets to be too much and we shouldn’t use your comments page as an astrology board. I could talk about it all day long because I’m a dork like that ^.^

  52. Mary on June 25th, 2012 1:24 am

    To Tyson – What a sweet, generous kitty you are to post the insightful info on Pluto in Leo. I know older stargazers with this placement will enjoy this fruit of your time and passion for the subject of astrology, as well.

    For what it’s worth, my poor Pluto has engaged in a brawl of many years standing with Venus and a Scorpio ascendant, along with the moon in Aquarius contributing random blows from the cusp of the 4th house. I know I do not and cannot find satisfaction in our material culture but do avidly pursue development of life’s spiritual dimension. The Scorpio in me does seethe for revenge on those who harm and take advantage of any creatures on this planet unable to fend for themselves, but my Capricorn Sun informs me I am to pray and behave as one under authority to the One who writes the end from the beginning. Still, I take great delight in considering all the info in your post, thanks so much.

  53. Christine Scaman on June 25th, 2012 6:49 am

    This is funny, your Q. I don’t love black and wear it ok, but sure do wear it because it’s easy and matches a lot of other stuff I have. The knee thing, you’re bang on, they are delicate. I have to take special care of them and feel them before any other part (actually left lower back can bug me too). As fascinating as I find astrology, as you said, there is no more space in my head.

  54. Christine Scaman on June 25th, 2012 6:53 am

    Jump in freely, Tyson, it’s great. I’m awed by how huge this field is, and how minutely detailed. If there are colour correlations, they will so intricate as near impossible to find. Fun reading, though. I enjoy it because it so often hits on something (like about my knees) where you go “Hey, how’d they know that?”

  55. Paisley on June 29th, 2012 10:44 am

    I’m loving the astrological correlation attempts. I wonder if it’s useful to run a Pullen chart and just look at the percentages of elements, since DYT is categorized into 4 elements.

    Christine, as for why people get so hurt and disappointed when the system doesn’t work, may I just say that it’s expensive if you take the entire course and purchase her books and materials, so there’s 1 thing – expenditure of your very hard earned discretionary income; investing. Even more, there’s investing in the idea that someone has found a way to make you beautiful, make the world see you clearly, make you accessible, appreciable and lovable — that’s what she’s selling. But if you walk into that with DA coloring and get told you’re absolutely, positively, no shadow of a doubt a 2 and you must wear the 2 palette … well, that doesn’t work, now, does it? So it was all for naught, and you’re back to square 1. I don’t find it as easy as you do to just jumble it all up and do it however you feel like. I admit that it’s the only way to really make it work, but for the money I spent, I’d like to have seen that from Carol rather than have to figure it out for myself after the fact. It interests me that you read it like a novel. It isn’t sold as a novel, and I didn’t purchase it for entertainment purposes. So yes, there is a sense of broken contract, with the resulting disappointment. The bigger the promises, the more disappointment when they are not fulfilled.

    Just wanted to say, as well, on the subject of her crediting her sources, that real professionals credit their sources, and she purports to be a real professional. When you publish a paper, you footnote your sources. When you submit an invention, you list all the prior art that contributed or is related to your idea. So it’s not unreasonable for well-educated people who operate in the realm of grownups and facts to be upset that she gives herself titles but doesn’t operate by the conventions that titles would dictate. Yes, she has put the material together in a novel manner, and that’s why she has an actual invention — most inventions are not entirely new; they rely upon ideas that went before them — but inventors are required to cite the prior art, and if they don’t, their patents can be invalidated. So I think that’s what that is about. It’s not mean-spirited so much as wishing for a higher level of accountability, and an ingrained distaste for plagiarism.

    Having said all that, I love Carol Tuttle and I’m so happy you’re looking at her ideas. I wish you’d go whole hog and buy the membership, while you’re at it, the better to teach us with for free. Bless your generous heart, Christine, and thanks for all you do.

  56. andrea on July 5th, 2012 9:11 am

    Paisley, I know what you mean about DYT. After taking the free course, I just couldn’t justify the money for the full course. The extra videos are kind of fun, but the way her system is set up is kind of strange considering the color palettes. And how you can blend two types of style, but not the color palette was strange to me. I’m a type 2 whose colors are more type 3, but in her system that’s not allowed. Overall, I like her program, and the descriptive words for each type and the videos from the free course were very helpful. It’s just not something I can take too literally.

  57. Kayla on September 1st, 2012 12:48 am

    I took the DYT plunge (on sale) and I am finding it fascinating. It’s soo hard to resist my impulse to automatically overlay (4)12 Seasons onto it. lolz. I’m also trying my best to ignore the whole sources/crediting controversy as well for now. Part of me thinks well if it (this mix of PCA, best style choices for certain bodies, patterns of temperament etc) is a Truth then the info is accessible to more than a handful of people. OTOH, oh nevermind.

    For now I’m asking, ‘Does it(DYT online course) deliver as promised?’(assuming the client has little to no info about style/color/personality profiling)

    &When I’m not feigning ‘beginner’s mind’ I’m trying to see how DYT might be adding to the field/ helping it all to evolve in some way.

    While part of me likes the idea that there might be a sort of predictable pattern (re: body/face + best aesthetics + disposition/energy) for humans, I’m not 100% convinced yet. I am willing to fine tune my wardrobe, makeup, hair, and activity choices and see if it leads to a better effect.

    I can see where something like this would be great for a younger person or someone who just doesn’t like to spend too much time thinking about/observing these things. I have a crazy collection of style, color analysis, & self-help books, so having something like this in middle school or HS(1980s) would’ve streamlined my process considerably! Also I think the ‘energetic’(hey, I’m from California, LOL) aspects would’ve made me less likely to repeated dive back into pretending to be a Winter like my mom.

    The thing with secondaries seems to fill in the gaps for human randomness a bit and gives me some relief. I like what Jane Rekas does here w/ the Types to 12 Seasons correspondence…Sounds good to me. :D


  58. Helena on January 24th, 2013 7:24 pm

    Thank you so much for this post! I am a True Summer and have been driven crazy by DYT because my personality AND colors do not fit the type it wants to make me (T4). I did buy a course and was frustrated that there is no definitive answer on type – I feel almost a bit set up to pay for the $150 “confirm your type session” (which I haven’t, and won’t, do). Was getting a bit OCD about it – needed this dose of common sense. Now I will just take what was useful and leave the rest, and you wisely point out is the most sensible option! And btw, your description of TSu’s in your Summer’s Children post described me perfectly – so I guess I do line up fairly well inside and out *deep sigh of relief* Thanks again!

  59. Helen on February 11th, 2013 11:34 am

    I’m very confused about Dressing Your Truth. I am a Type 4 in its system yet I was Colour Analysed as a Soft Autumn. I know we are not supposed to compare it to Colour Analysis as it is not the same thing (it is ‘energy draping’) but I feel sceptical about how can pure white and black be my best colours when as a SA I’m told to specifically avoid these? Yes, I do have very pale neutral porcelain skin but I have soft deep hazel eyes and mousy brown hair, so despite my very porcelain skin I do not think I am a winter (if I consider I may have been Colour Analysed wrong). I’m am not entirely sure which system I should honour as DYT feels very restrictive – you are not ‘supposed’ to wear Colours outside of the Type 4 recommended palette, even if you followed all the other elements.

  60. Christine Scaman on February 11th, 2013 1:51 pm

    These are good questions, but perhaps it’s will be the folks at DYT who can answer them. I ignore what I’m supposed to do regarding the colour recommendations. I did get some good ideas that made sense to me about body line and cosmetic application for face shape. My conclusion is that it will only be the very rare woman who can find all her answers inside one dressing, image, or colour system. It just can’t be true or there would be only 4 Types of women.

  61. Helen on February 11th, 2013 2:05 pm

    That’s very true. My concern with DYT is it does seem far too simplistic and has the potential to pigeonhole people. As a T4 in the DYT system you could say that’s a natural concern for me to be an individual but I think it would also be an important and valid concern for every women. When DYT has been compared to Colour Analysis, it has been dismissed as dissimilar and so not relevant for comparison by the people at DYT. I get it but at the same time it’s kind of frustrating. But I suppose you could say every system has its limitations. I do wonder if there is any actual correlation between the Types and seasons, or if it is completely mixed. Perhaps I will try mixing better colours for me with the other Type 4 elements and see what I get. Thanks for replying.

  62. Carol D. on February 19th, 2013 12:04 pm

    I had a PCA in Sept with Maytee Garaz; came out a SS and am so glad I got that foundation in correct color understanding. After taking the DYT course (on sale!), I learned I was a DYT Type 2. Type 2 has a similar color palette to SS, but I use the 12 tone fan and use DYT for other aspects, as Christine showed above. I trust Kathryn Kalisz’s understanding of color more than Carol Tuttle’s.

    DYT helped me better refine how I present myself and understand my own psychology. I’m grateful for the insight I received and highly recommend Carol’s store – some really great pieces at reasonable prices. And Carol’s passion for helping women love and appreciate their own unique beauty is awesome. That being said I find some of the color combinations that she uses and the DYT disregard for skin/hair/eye shade to be very disconcerting. It leaves me wondering – how can people see the world of color so differently from me? So so so happy I got a 12 tone foundation in understanding color. (And thanks Christine, for recommending Maytee when coming up to see you would have been at least an 8 hour journey for me. I’ve continued to read your blog here and deeply enjoy your compassionate insight.)

  63. Carol D. on February 19th, 2013 12:06 pm

    Oh – an old picture of me tagged onto my post above – taken before my PCA, when I still wore black and white! Yikes. Gotta update these things . . .

  64. Jane on February 23rd, 2013 7:30 pm

    Black and white, yes, as a fellow soft I have recently packed up all of the black and whites ready for the op-shop. I think I used to look at the shape of the garment in the mirror when I was trying something on, and not bother about the colour unless it was obviously too bright.

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