Christine Scaman.

I love a story about life’s winding path and how it brings us to where we are. I’m glad this one is about me because I like the feeling that landscape keeps changing. I’m also very happy that you’re here to read it.

My name is Christine Scaman. It was Christyne Mason till I was married in 1992. That “y” I thought was so original in Grade 6 got in the way of filling out legal documents and had to go.

I’m in my fifties now (2012). Three children later, I’m still married to the same guy as in 1992.

I’ve been a veterinarian (part-time) since 1990.

I really love cosmetic colours. For a long time, I’ve thought that my perfect career would be helping women choose makeup that suits them perfectly. I have enormous admiration for cosmetics marketing. It is at the pinnacle of its profession because it has us handing over money for products we do not even expect to work. From a marketer’s perspective, that must be just brilliant. The problem is that we waste too much time and too much money. We are too gullible because we lack knowledge and objectivity about ourselves.

In April, 2009, I became a Colour Analyst. I chose the Sci\ART system because I’m an analytical person and their approach seemed very precise. Turned out to be one of the top 5 best decisions of my life. In the process, I learned that I had placed myself in the wrong Season (Season is just another word for “type of natural colouring”) and had to re-learn the colour concepts I had about myself. Climbing the wall of your own resistance is an essential experience for a colour analyst because she will help women do the same thing with more sensitivity, using the tools that really help them move to a better place.

I’m not an Image Specialist. I’m a consumer of women’s retail, just like you are. I’m not fancy. Whether or not you wear makeup is not important. The size of your disposable income is irrelevant. Success does not require that you spend a dollar more on your appearance than you spend today. My purpose is to support you and show you how to use your natural colouring to move towards new choices that will look more beautiful to others and feel more confident for you. We work in partnership, with me acting as a camera lens that faithfully helps you know how others see you. With your best interests at heart, I can guide you towards your most flattering, believable, and harmonious choices in clothing, cosmetic, and hair colour.

Most importantly, I want to empower you. I want for you to know yourself better, to recognize someone who’s been hiding inside, waiting to get noticed. I want you to be a smarter, tougher consumer, and be taken seriously in all aspects of your life. I want you to learn how good it feels to finally settle into your own skin and see what a perfect fit it has always been.

You do not have to be who your parents expected, or your husband wants, or your boss demands, or your kids…. You are only responsible for your own happiness and success. Not anyone else’s. Take on the challenge of finding out about you.

Einstein said “Until I am ready to walk away from what I am, I can never become what I will be.” Well, that is true. But you don’t need to know what you will be when you start. You just need to start.